10 Tips for making money from antiques
16 August, 2016
Buy from established dealers If you want to be certain that any antiques you buy are the “real deal”, buy from a dealer and check to see if they are a member of one of the two top UK... Read Full Article >
Tips for decorating your home with antiques
30 August, 2016
Following on from our blog offering tips for making money on antiques and investing only in things that you are happy to have in your home for potentially years to come, today we will look at how to... Read Full Article >
Truman Capote’s ashes go to auction
03 September, 2016
Legendary American author Truman Capote’s ashes are due to go under the hammer at a LA auction later this month where they are expected to sell for around £4,500. The author achieved... Read Full Article >
Learn How Harry Potter Can Make You A Fortune
12 September, 2016
The Harry Potter franchise has been taking the world by storm for almost 20 years and shows no sign of stopping with certain editions of the books valued at up to... Read Full Article >
Ultimate Movie Collectables Up For Auction
19 September, 2016
Movie buffs and memorabilia collectors, mark the 27th of September in your diary because one of the most exciting auctions of the year is due to take place at London’s BFI IMAX. Prop... Read Full Article >
The Jam memorabilia goes under the hammer
27 September, 2016
One of Britain’s most iconic music acts, The Jam, are currently displaying over 800 pieces of memorabilia at their exhibition “About The Young Idea” at Liverpool’s Cunard... Read Full Article >
UK cracking down on illegal ivory
28 September, 2016
The UK’s environmental minister, Andrea Leadsom, has announced a full prohibition on the sale on ivory objects made after March 1947, further emphasising the 1975 CITES Convention and no longer... Read Full Article >
Huge teapot collection smashes estimates
05 October, 2016
The biggest collection of of teapots in Britain recently went up for auction and drew worldwide attention from as far afield as Canada, Japan, and Taiwan, helping it to sell for more than four times... Read Full Article >
£8.5 million fake in the art scandal of the century
08 October, 2016
A painting sold by Sotheby’s in 2011 has recently been discovered to be a fake, the work which was believed to have been by Dutch artist Frans Hals was subject to technical analysis which... Read Full Article >
Bowie’s eclectic £10m art collection to go on sale
12 October, 2016
David Bowie was not widely known as an avid art collector until quite recently, but the iconic artist amassed a remarkable personal collection and it is due to go on sale at... Read Full Article >
Robin William’s sprawling bike collection set to continue his legacy
18 October, 2016
Robin Williams’ legacy will live on forever through an acting career which includes over 100 credits but now, 2 years after his death, his prized bicycle collection is set to go to auction and... Read Full Article >
Eagle eyed car booter bags a bargain
19 October, 2016
When an unsuspecting bargain hunter stumbled across an interesting old vase at a car boot sale, little did they know what they had just bought for a mere £10. The buyer was alerted to the... Read Full Article >
Titanic auction relives heroes tales 100 years on
25 October, 2016
A tiny, corroded key that opened a life jacket locker aboard the Titanic on that fateful night in 1912 has just been sold at auction. The key was amongst 200 other items in a Titanic auction held... Read Full Article >
Britain’s rarest coin found in a child’s pirate treasure chest
26 October, 2016
The rarest British coin ever made has been found by a labourer from Hertfordshire and the 300 year old Queen Anne Vigo five guinea coin could be worth up to £250,000. The coin was made by... Read Full Article >
Robin Williams’ extraordinary bicycle collection triples estimates
28 October, 2016
Last we wrote about Robin Williams’ massive bike collection going into auction to raise money for two of his favourite charities and now that the auction has ended details have... Read Full Article >
Ivory debate rages on despite new legislation
01 November, 2016
Following on from our article a few weeks ago, about ivory and the new UK law prohibiting the sale on ivory objects made after March 1947, a shocking new Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall documentary... Read Full Article >
Harry Potter and the “philosphers” stone
10 November, 2016
Almost 2 months ago, we looked at the Harry Potter franchise and the potential value of certain editions, with certain first editions being values at around £15-20,000. However, these... Read Full Article >
Legendary pilot Eric Brown’s medal collection to go to auction
11 November, 2016
There are not many more interesting lives than Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown’s, the most decorated pilot in Royal Navy history and dubbed the greatest pilot of all time, he... Read Full Article >
Oh! You Pretty Things. Bowie art collection triples estimates
11 November, 2016
He famously said that “Art was, seriously, the only thing I’d ever wanted to own” in an interview with the New York Times in 1998 and it seems that the allure of the David... Read Full Article >
Tiny jar gathering dust makes a million
18 November, 2016
A tiny porcelain jar bought in 1946 for just £9 10 shillings has just been sold at auction for an astonishing £1 million with fees. The rare Chinese imperial doucai jar was expected to... Read Full Article >
Demand for dodo skeletons far from extinct
23 November, 2016
Way back at the start September, we wrote about a very rare dodo skeleton that was to be placed into auction and yesterday the auction finally took place. It was the first near... Read Full Article >
Worlds most expensive Pokemon card sells for over £40,000
24 November, 2016
Pokemon has once again became a worldwide success following the release of it’s Pokemon Go app which attracted more than 20 million active users and this new burst of popularity has led to... Read Full Article >
Rare handwritten Anne Frank poem sells for £119,000
25 November, 2016
The rare example of Anne Frank’s handwriting was sold at an auction in The Netherlands for four times its estimate. The auction house’s co-director, Thijs Blankevoort, said that... Read Full Article >
The most famous gun in French history has just sold for £370,000
01 December, 2016
The revolver that wounded French poet Arthur Rimbaud has been sold for £370,000 at an auction in Paris. Rimbaud was shot by his lover Paul Verlaine, another French poet, during a heated debate... Read Full Article >
The oldest surviving Nikon has just became the most expensive
02 December, 2016
The camera was only the third Nikon ever produced and is believed to be the oldest surviving camera from the now famous company, it sold at auction in Austria for a... Read Full Article >
Artist Spotlight: Scott Hendrie
08 December, 2016
This week, we are delighted to introduce our featured artist, Scott Hendrie. Born in Scotland in 1973, Scott is a much travelled and a careful observer of people, animals, cultures and the... Read Full Article >
Special edition LaFerrari becomes the most expensive modern car ever
09 December, 2016
A LaFerrari sold at RM Sotheby’s last weekend for a massive £5.5 million and set a record for the most paid for 21st-century automobile in a public auction. The exclusive car went... Read Full Article >
Rare Enigma machine sells for £367,000
09 December, 2016
An extremely rare and fully operational World War II Enigma machine has just fetched a world record £367,000 at auction. Beating the previous record of around £2780,000, the M4, is one... Read Full Article >
18th century Chinese seal breaks world record
15 December, 2016
An 18th century Chinese imperial seal sold for a staggering €21 million at a Paris auction this week. The seal garnered such interest that the lot was subject to an intense bidding war which... Read Full Article >
The guitar Jimi Hendrix owned for the longest sells for over £200k
16 December, 2016
Jimi Hendrix’s 1951 Epiphone FT79 acoustic sold at auction in London earlier this week for a massive £209,000, doubling estimates in an auction that featured a host of other memorabilia... Read Full Article >
2016 in Review: The UK Art Market
21 December, 2016
2016 has been a whirlwind year for a number of reasons and with Brexit and the falling pound coupled with a massive multi-million pound art scandal, the art market has had many ups and... Read Full Article >
John Lennon’s forged Beatles autographs sell at auction
12 January, 2017
John Lennon was notorious for being the joker in The Beatles and now a newspaper that he forged the rest of the fab four’s signatures on has sold for £2,000 after pre-auction estimates... Read Full Article >
Dog walkers unearth 15th century gold coin
12 January, 2017
The rare, Ferdinand I of Aragon gold coin was found back in 1996 by a couple walking their dog along Loe Bar beach in south west Cornwall. Relatives of the finders are now consigning the ducat... Read Full Article >
Handwritten Princess Diana letters sell for FIVE times estimates at auction
17 January, 2017
Six handwritten letters, which were sent by Princess Diana to a Buckingham Palace steward have sold for £15,100 at auction, far exceeding the £2,300-£3,600 estimate. The letters... Read Full Article >
Legendary Jacky Ickx announced as guest at The London Classic Car Show
19 January, 2017
The first guests have now been announced for The London Classic Car Show and Jacky Ickx, hailed by many as the world’s greatest all-round racing driver, will officially open the show and... Read Full Article >
Founding father’s letters sell for a massive £2.1 million
20 January, 2017
Earlier this week we looked at some letters from Princess Diana which made headlines after selling at auction for five times their estimates but now a series of documents and letters from... Read Full Article >
The £200m mansion that includes over 100 pieces of artwork
26 January, 2017
A newly built Bel Air mansion has become the most expensive house ever listed in the US when a press release announced it would set you back an eye-watering £198m ($250m). The developer,... Read Full Article >
Chinese vase goes 150 times over estimate in shock auction sale
26 January, 2017
It seems like we are talking about Chinese vases most weeks recently but they seem to be hot property at the minute with another one making headlines after selling for £252,000 at... Read Full Article >
We are proud to announce we are now NAA members
19 April, 2017
William George & Co. joins the National Auctioneers Association. We have joined the National Auctioneers Association, a testament to our continued commitment to professionalism and providing a... Read Full Article >
Hidden piano treasure could be worth life-changing money
22 March, 2017
A thorough search of any average home and you’re sure to find a host of coins hidden under sofa cushions, behind furniture or tucked away for “safekeeping” and forgotten... Read Full Article >
Christie’s to close South Kensington saleroom and scale down in The Netherlands
16 March, 2017
Auction house Christie’s has announced that it will be closing its South Kensington saleroom and although the news of the impending closure does not have come as a great surprise,... Read Full Article >
Auctionata files for insolvency
03 February, 2017
The online auctioneer, Auctionata Paddle8, which merged last May, has filed for insolvency to restructure the business. The Berlin-based parent group announced on 19 January that it is holding... Read Full Article >