08 September, 2018

Van Gogh - The Icon, The Failure?

Vincent Van Gogh was a Duct Post-Impressionist painter who's widely regarded as having a massive influence on Western Art. 

Despite living a troubled life, he was able to create over 2,000 paintings. His relationship with his brother, Theo, played a huge part in his life. He would often read about his brother's adventures through the letters he'd receive and they would usually contain his dreams. 

Van Gogh was buoyed by his dreams. One of his biggest was creating a community for artists in the South of France. Not many were made into reality and the self-imposed pressure he put on himself often drained him.

After being diagnosed with a mental illness, it helped to explain his hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. However, it didn't stop him painting. Here, we take a look at some of his most famous and our favourites.

5 Paintings by Van Gogh That Changed Art

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream. - Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night (1889)

One of Vincent Van Gogh's most known paintings. It's been turned into numerous gifs, prints, 3D views and more which enable us to immerse ourselves in a masterful artwork. 

Said to be painted from memory, it details the view from Van Gogh's room window at Saint Remy de Provence in France.

The painting is a little ahead of its time because Van Gogh painted Venus and its surrounding stars! Was that an accident? Who knows.

It's one of the most famous pieces of art in western art and can be found in the museum of modern art in New York.

Self-Portraits (1889)

Van Gogh painted many self-portraits during his time.

There is a portrait which shows his missing ear. It's said the reason behind it was an argument which Paul Gauguin. 

Starry Night over the Rhone (1888)

An immersive piece, Starry Night Over the Rhône depicts the view of Arles in the night time.

Trivia - Van Gogh painted this on the bank of the Rhône.   

This painting can be found in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

Bedroom in Arles (1888-1889)

One of three paintings, this piece became famous because it was recreated by the Art Institute of Chicago. They charged guests $10 to stay there and see the exhibition. 

Amanda Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Museum described the goal:

"We hope it's a way to bring fresh eyes and fresh perspective to the painting, which has long been an icon of our permanent collection,"  - Amanda Hicks.

Trivia - You can tell the difference between the paintings by the pictures on the walls.

The promotion lasted from 14th Feb - May 10th in 2016 and Air BnB collaborated with them on the campaign.

Potato Eaters (1885)

Van Gogh considered this his proudest work and wrote a letter to his sister.

Potato Eaters is a strong painting and the level of detail was part of the rationale for Van Gogh who wanted to depict the peasants. 

Trivia - Potato Eaters was one of Van Gogh’s first major works.

Honourable Mention 

There's too many to choose, so we added another one.

Sunflowers (1888)

Considered a master of still-life paintings, Sunflowers is a near-perfect example of the art style. Depicting 15 sunflowers, they are renowned for their vibrant use of colour and also their innate beauty.

Final Words

Van Gogh once said that he dreams of painting and then he paints his dream. He is such a passionate artist, you can see the intense emotion.

In July 1890, Van Gogh would take his own life with the idea that he had failed as an artist and a person.

Although he regarded himself as a failure, the whole world would revel in his art and everything he stood for was honoured. He remains a benchmark for many artists and is celebrated with a museum dedicated to him and also others around the world who display his work.  

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5 Famous Paintings By Van Gogh
5 Famous Paintings By Van Gogh
5 Famous Paintings By Van Gogh
5 Famous Paintings By Van Gogh
5 Famous Paintings By Van Gogh
5 Famous Paintings By Van Gogh