18 November, 2018

Artists Do Paint Feelings

It's true, they do! I had a fascinating experience when I first encountered 'Wild Stallion'.

I was immediately transfixed on its rich colour and vicious red which immediately moved me. What's remarkable was the fact that the experiences were 12 years apart!

How can a painting do this? I can conclude that if a painting is able to move you from where you are then it's something special. Here were my experiences from 'Wild Stallion' by Leesa Kensington.

Experience 1 – I was 11 years old again. 

I was sat in my classroom looking at cars with two other classmates. When we saw the Ferrari Enzo, I couldn't believe it – the car consumed me. This was when I wanted to own a Ferrari – that Ferrari.

The stallion is their hallmark. It's a symbol which earned the moniker of ‘The Italian Stable' which basically means Ferrari wherever you are. This is the sort of brand power they have. The only other companies that can boast such a thing are probably Louis Vuitton and Disney.

This feeling of nostalgia was overpowering. How can a painting take me back 15 years? It's a testament to the artist who said: "Artists don't paint things, they paint feelings". How true is that? 

Experience 2 – Italian GP 2016

In 2016, I achieved a life dream by attending the 2016 Italian GP in Monza. 

I was based in Milan and saw what Ferrari meant to Italy. Every restaurant, store and otherwise had a reference to them. Red flags, red shirts, hats, you name it - they had it. I guess what helped was the Ferrari museum and merchandise store but nonetheless it was a little magical.

When you're in Monza attending the race, it's something different.  

As you walk to the circuit, through the national park, you feel you as if you are going into battle. You're fighting for Ferrari along with their Tifosi (Ferrari fans) and it feels almost biblical. The singing and chanting is an incredible experience which carries on into the race and you feel galvanised by their enthusiasm.

I have fantastic memories of Ferrari and ‘Wild Stallion' brought me back there.

Final Words

A quote from her website tells us that this artwork took 6 months to complete which illustrates Leesa's meticulous work ethic. You can read more about this in the The Power of Creativity. This is to ensure her artworks are presented in the way they are meant to be.

The use of 24k gold is quite extraordinary. An unforgiving metal in nature, the depth achieved is amazing and it really accentuates the magnificence of the stallion.

In addition to this, the hue of red gives off the illusion the stallion is about to charge and it's something I personally adore. It all culminates into a vivid piece of art full of memories and pride.


See the artwork here!

Artwork Spotlight - Wild Stallion
Artwork Spotlight - Wild Stallion
Artwork Spotlight - Wild Stallion
Artwork Spotlight - Wild Stallion
Artwork Spotlight - Wild Stallion
Artwork Spotlight - Wild Stallion