12 January, 2017

The rare, Ferdinand I of Aragon gold coin was found back in 1996 by a couple walking their dog along Loe Bar beach in south west Cornwall. Relatives of the finders are now consigning the ducat to sale at auction, where it is expected to fetch up to £800.

The 600 year old coin, which measures 22mm in diameter, dates back to the reign of Ferdinand I (1380- 1416), the King of Aragon and ruler of Sicily and Sardinia.

The ‘T’ to the left of the king’s head is the mark of Giancarlo Tramontano, the last mintmaster appointed to Naples by the Argonese rulers.

Just how the coin ending up on these shores is up for debate but Cornwall’s reputation for powerful waves and treacherous currents around the Lizard peninsula has led to the belief that the coin may have been lost in a shipwreck long before being washed ashore.

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Ferdinand I of Aragon gold coin