19 October, 2016

When an unsuspecting bargain hunter stumbled across an interesting old vase at a car boot sale, little did they know what they had just bought for a mere £10.

The buyer was alerted to the fact that the little 5 inch vase might be something special when they listed in on eBay and questions and queries came pouring in but they really got the hint when bidding soared up to a staggering £10,000.

All the attention and questions forced the man to quickly withdraw the listing and head to his local auction house to get a valuation and it was then that he found out exactly what he’d got his hands on.

The vase has the four character Qianlong mark, the sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty, which means that it was made by Imperial command in the Beijing Palace workshop between 1736 and 1795.

The ‘two quails’ vase is at least 220 years old and was valued at a jaw-dropping £30,000 by Woolley & Wallis, meaning the lucky buyer could see as much as 3,000 times what he paid for it when the piece goes to auction on the 15th November.

Car Boot Classic