29 June, 2018

Han Solo blaster Sells For $550,000

Han Solo - everyone's favourite space cowboy has become the talk of a recent auction when the blaster he used to fight the empire in Return of the Jedi sold for $550,000 in an auction. It's quite an extraordinary price for a blaster but then again, it's Han Solo's blaster!

The blaster is mostly made out of wood and was in possession of the film's director, James Schoppe, for 30 years. The auction contained over 40 other lots which included an Ewok Axe and another blaster prop.

Trivia - The most expensive piece of Star Wars memorabilia was an R2-D2 droid used in multiple Star Wars films that sold for $2.76m last year.

Han Solo - The Cult Hero

Han Solo was said to be inspired by Francis Ford Coppola, a good friend of George Lucas who created the famous franchise. 

Solo is famed for his one-liners, extraordinary bravery and of course his selfish intentions. Let's take a closer look at the reluctant hero.

Exposed to a life of crime from an early age, it was not long before he starting making a reputation for himself. His rogue behaviour led to an encounter with Obi-Wan and aspiring Jedi, Luke. It was here where Han Solo joined the fight against the empire - for a fee.

His affinity with money is also his biggest flaw but then again, he's essentially someone who is trying to make their way through a giant galaxy. In the end though, he will also choose the good side. 

We picked out one of our favourite Han Solo scenes. Credit: Marcelo Zuniga

Final Words

Memorabilia auctions have brought us closer to some of our on-screen idols and this is illustrated in the extraordinary prices paid for a piece of their legacy. Owning the blaster used by Han Solo is an envy among many Star Wars fans, including us.

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Han Solo Blaster sells for $550,000
Han Solo Blaster sells for $550,000