10 November, 2016

Almost 2 months ago, we looked at the Harry Potter franchise and the potential value of certain editions, with certain first editions being values at around £15-20,000.

However, these estimates were way off the mark when at yesterdays Bonhams auction, a copy of “The Philosopher’s Stone” sold for a spellbinding £43,750, almost trebling those early estimates and breaking the record for a Harry Potter book sold at auction.

A London-based businessman was the eventual winner after a bidding war cause the price of the sought after hardback to sky rocket and it’s rarity comes from a famous typo on the back cover which sees philosopher spelt incorrectly as philospher.

Simon Roberts, Bonhams Books and Manuscripts senior specialist, said: “This was an exceptional price for a much-loved modern classic.

“The book was in excellent condition which added to its appeal for collectors and I am not surprised that it attracted so much interest and such intense bidding.”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the first instalment in the series and became and instant best seller when it was first published in June 1997, kick starting a franchise which includes another 6 books and a multi billion dollar film series.

JK Rowling