12 January, 2017

John Lennon was notorious for being the joker in The Beatles and now a newspaper that he forged the rest of the fab four’s signatures on has sold for £2,000 after pre-auction estimates expected bidding to reach around £1,500.

Lennon faked the signatures of Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr on a photograph of the group on the cover of Alkali News, an in-house magazine for chemical giant ICI.

Signed ‘All the best from the Beatles’ followed by the signatures, it is said that his attempt to copy the impressions of George and Ringo were rather good but his attempt at Paul’s raised suspicions as it resembles nothing like the bassists autograph.

Amazingly, due to the rarity of such a piece of memorabilia, the fact that they were faked by Lennon meant that they are still worth about the same as if all four had signed them.

A spokesman for the auctioneer who administered the sale stated, “something like this is quite a rare thing to come across so the value isn’t too far off what a set of four Beatles’ signatures would be worth anyway.”

The photograph was taken in July 1963, before the band became music royalty. This was early on in the career of the band which is evidenced by the fact they were the VIPs at the crowning ceremony for the Northwich Carnival Queen, the daughter of an ICI employee.


Forged Beatles Autographs