04 April, 2019

Live Auction Top Lots!

Our Live auction is only two days away and here's a selection of lots which are proving to be popular with bidders!

A fantastic piece of art, a legendary watch family, a sporting icon, stunning jewellery and antiques, there's something for everyone.

Take a look at the stories behind these lots and find out how you can get involved with our Live Auction which features 400 lots!

Lot 101 - Rodger Federer Signed Photo

Kicking off our countdown is this framed photo of tennis icon, Roger Federer. 

A stunning career which has produced epic moments that are still talked about today. 

To prove that age is just a number, Federer lifted his 100th title which illustrates the impact he's had on the game which goes beyond tennis.

This lot features a signed photo of him lifting the Wimbledon trophy which is a feat he has done 8 times.

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Despite the fact that Federer has won 100 titles, he's also been on the receiving end of losses. Test your knowledge with this quiz by the BBC.

Lot 36 - Staffordshire Figure - Rabbit Eating Lettuce

Staffordshire antiques are known for their quality and lot 36 illustrates just that.

Dating back over 150 years is this rabbit eating lettuce. An intricate design, you can appreciate the attention to detail which has gone into the making of this antique.

This rabbit is one of many lots which you can use to transform your living space by adding something new and creating a new dynamic.

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Lot 169 - 1975 Rolex Daytona - 6265

One of the most famous watch families ever created, the Rolex Daytona is a truly stunning watch.

Sporting a chronograph complication, the Daytona can trace their origins back to the legendary speedway where many land speed records were set. 

A fascinating feature on this watch is the mechanically wound movement which carries all the hallmarks of fine watchmaking.

Moving over to the dial itself, it's of a silver baton which accentuates an aesthetic which goes nicely with the stainless steel bracelet. 

Rolex have illustrated their watchmaking prowess with this watch and you can learn more about it by hitting the link below!

Lot 66 - James Mculloch - Falls of Lenny

In the live auction, you can find an array of artworks from talented artists who have captured numerous settings with elegance.

Lot 66 is no different. This watercolour by James Mculloch catches a fantastic glimpse of the Falls of Lenny in Scotland.

The unpredictability of watercolours has combined with nature to create a fantastic piece. 

Signed by the artist himself, it's a beautiful painting for a serene piece of nature.

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Lot 202 - 18k Rose Gold Tennis Diamond Bracelet

This stunning tennis diamond bracelet is a fantastic show stopper. Adorned in 18K Rose Gold, these brilliant-shaped diamonds weigh 4.33 carats and are of VS clarity.

Carrying a certificate from GIE, they scrutinise diamonds to ensure you get an accurate reading of the diamonds.

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Final Words

These lots represent an inkling of what we have in the live auction. 

With only two days remaining, you can be part of the fantastic day as David Palmer makes a return to host the auction. 

With over 400 lots to discover, is there something for you? Hit the share button and go straight to the auction.

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