16 August, 2018

Macallan 1926 - The Holy Grail of Whisky 

Considered the pinnacle of whisky, a famous auction is on the horizon because a rare Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 whisky is heading into auction - yes, that one.

For anybody new to whisky collecting or whisky in general, this isn't your average one. The competition will be fierce because collectors will move heaven and earth to get one! 

How prized is a 1926 Macallan? The estimate is £700,000-£900,000.

Why is a 1926 Macallan so Expensive?

The bottle has three things going for it. The process, design and quantity. When you take these three components to a new level, the price follows.

Let's take a closer look at the 1926 Macallan.

The Process of making a 1926 Macallan 

'1926' takes the name of the year of its distillation. 60 years later, Macallan bottled their whisky and gifted it to clients.

To design the labels, Macallan sought the best. They commissioned the designs to Valerio Adami and Peter Blake (now Sir Peter Blake).

  • Sir Peter Blake designed the 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' album cover for The Beatles. 

  • Valerio Adami is an Italian artist known for his flat and bold painting style seen in comic art.

Trivia - A tantalus or cabinet houses the bottle. The design is influenced by traditional distillery spirit safes.

Macallan created 24 bottles and Valerio and Sir Peter created 12 labels each. 

Final Words

If you're wondering why the estimate is so high, in previous auctions featuring this legendary bottle, one sold in May 2018 for £814,081 and another sold for £751,703.

Why are people paying so much?

The tradition, emotion and mystery are the lures of a Scotch Whisky. This 1926 Macallan has inherited these desired traits and turned them into something else. 

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Macallan 1926 - The World's Most Expensive Whisky
Macallan 1926 - The World's Most Expensive Whisky
Macallan 1926 - The World's Most Expensive Whisky