21 September, 2018

Auction Round-Up

In our previous article: Auction Stories - Djokovic, DiCaprio and The Apple 1, we brought you the news that a fully-working Apple 1 computer was heading into an auction.

It's been confirmed that it sold for $375,000! This is quite remarkable because it's one of only 8 in the world that works, it's over 40 years old and still in pristine condition which is a feat in itself.

Although technology has changed, the Apple 1 is still a class above today's machines.

In this week's round-up, James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, James Bond and a fantastic pink diamond are stealing headlines. Let's start with the watch with a licence to kill.

Final James Bond Submariner Watch in Auction

James Bond - Licence to Kill was released in 1989. This film also marked the last time, 007 wore a Rolex watch. The next instalment, GoldenEye would feature an Omega Seamaster and a new bond in the form of Pierce Brosnan.

Timothy Dalton portrayed a distraught Bond embarking on a warpath towards Franz Sanchez, the most powerful drug baron in the Americas. 

After the unfortunate event of Felix Leiter and the death of Della Leiter, Bond disobeys orders and seeks his own justice. The watch he wore, a Submariner (reference 5513), aided 007 as he waged a war against the leader of a Mexican drug cartel.

With a high estimate of £90,000, this will be a fascinating auction. The winning bidder will receive Rolex papers, photos, a book and a certificate of authenticity from EON Productions.

Marilyn Monroe's Wedding Car in Auction

A Ford Thunderbird once owned by Marilyn Monroe is heading into an auction and it's expected go for a massive $500,000! (£379,000).

The car itself is quite extraordinary. Soft-top, whitewall tyres and in black, it's a classy vehicle which received a restoration to its original specifications.

Trivia - It's said to be a Christmas gift from Milton Greene, her business partner and photographer.

Monroe owned the car for 6 years before she gifted it to John Strasberg, son of Lee Strasberg, as an 18th birthday gift.

With a V8 engine churning our 225HP, it has a top speed of 113mph and 30,399 miles on the clock. 

The auction is expected in November which also includes the dress she wore in the Seven Year Itch. If you remember, we wrote an article on the first time it sold which you can view here: Strangest Items in Auction Part 2 - The Seven Year Itch Dress (2011).

$50m Pink Fancy Coloured Diamond in Auction

Christie's is auctioning their largest Pink Diamond ever which is expected to sell for up to $50m. Here's the scoop.

  • Graded as fancy vivid pink by the GIA.
  • no trace of a secondary colour.
  • Balanced saturation and tone.

The diamond itself is exquisite. With a purity and brightness to dazzle spectators for a brief moment, the diamond is a fine example of craftsmanship as its cut perfectly illustrates its brightness. 

Known as The Pink Legacy, this rectangular diamond will be at auction in Geneva in November. 

Diamond aficionados will know that fancy coloured diamonds are graded on their hue, tone and saturation. You can read more on this through our article: Fancy-Coloured Diamonds - Orange, Chameleon, Purple and Pink

Finding a diamond of this size (19cts) in that condition is quite rare because it's usually in smaller stones.

With no secondary colour, the winning bidder will be in possession of a one-of-a-kind diamond. 

Final Words

The auction world is bracing itself for some new headlines. 

The future winner of the James Bond Rolex will be in possession of a fantastic piece of James Bond history.

After learning about the Batmobile Sells for Record Price, will the owner leave the car in their living room?

The pink diamond will become a fantastic addition to any jeweller as they will be able to fashion into an array of jewellery and we look forward to writing about it!

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Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction
Monroe Car, Bond Watch and $50m Diamond in Auction