18 July, 2018

Most Expensive Football Memorabilia - UK Edition

Sporting memorabilia brings us a little closer to some of the greatest moments ever seen. Examples of iconic moments in sport could be Jonny Wilkinson's drop goal against Australia in the Rugby World Cup Final in 2003, Beckham's free kick against Greece or even a ticket to the 1966 World Cup Final.

They help us to re-live those moments and also share them people who were there, not born or don't even know about it. These moments forge strong links with our hearts and become a part of our lives.

In this countdown, we are going to explore some of the most expensive memorabilia ever bought in the world of Football.

Football Rulebook – £881,250

The rulebook for the beautiful game stole the show when it sold in auction for over £880,000 in 2011.

Known as the 'Sheffield Code', it formed the basic rules of the game we play today.

Written over 150 years ago in 1863, the rules for a corner kick which is a method used to resume play after the ball goes out of play were established as early as this!

Of course, contemporary tools such as VAR, Goal-line technology weren't included but it's still a vital piece of the history of football.

Trivia - 5 years after these rules were created, the FA created their rulebook which is heavily laden with the Sheffield Code. 

The FA Cup – £478,400

One of the oldest competitions in the world of football. Made of solid silver, it's one of four FA Cups to have ever been made.

The first FA Cup was stolen in Birmingham towards to the end of the 19th century and it's never been found.

The second FA Cup which was auctioned for that incredible amount was used from 1896 to 1909. Its successor was used until 1991 before it was replaced again with the present one.

Trivia - The third and fourth FA Cups are both owned by the Football Association. 

Jules Rimet World Cup Replica – £254,500

This. Is. A. Story. It might inspire a Netflix series.

When we won the biggest prize in football there was pandemonium. Come on, it was one of our greatest triumphs - the time we brought it home! Even though we were the hosts? What is that called? That doesn't matter because we said so. 

Before the tournament started, somebody got carried away a bit too much and stole the trophy from its display - you couldn't make this up. It gets better because a dog named Pickles found it and won an award.  

In Pickles We Trust. 

Anyway, FIFA is said to have made a replica trophy and both were on display at the 1966 tournament. The original trophy was retired and given to Brazil after they won their third title in 1970. However, it was stolen in 1983 and is yet to be found.

The replica was auctioned off and FIFA was the winning bidder. Was that the real one the whole time? 

Alan Ball’s World Cup Winners Medal – £164,800

This rare piece of memorabilia caught a lot of attention when it was auctioned. Why? you don't see many world cup winners' medals going into an auction.

Alan Ball, one of the heroes of the 1966 world cup, put his medal up for sale.

Selling for a stellar amount, it illustrates how much these moments mean for sports fans alike.

Sir Geoff Hurst England World Cup Shirt, 1966 – £91,750

The hat-trick winning hero became immortalised. Geoff Hurst (now Sir Geoff Hurst) came into the squad at the expense of the injured Jimmy Greaves and helped England reach the final.

With Greaves back up to fitness, Alf Ramsey chose Hurst over Greaves and the rest is written into the history books. 

The shirt was sold around 2000 for over £90,000. It was consigned again and received an estimate that went as high as £500,000 but nothing materialised.

Final Words

Sporting moments are some of the most cherished in the world. Both the good and the bad. They come back to inspire hope in the form of Harry Kane being chosen to take a penalty for England and also apprehension in the form of penalty shootouts.

How many people enjoyed the penalty shootout win versus Colombia? Long Live Lord Dier?

What's your favourite sporting moment? Hit the share button and let us know!

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Most Expensive Football Memorabilia Sold - UK
Most Expensive Football Memorabilia Sold - UK
Most Expensive Football Memorabilia Sold - UK
Most Expensive Football Memorabilia Sold - UK
Most Expensive Football Memorabilia Sold - UK