28 November, 2018

Macallan Has Done it Again?

After a Macallan 1926 sold for over £700,000 earlier in the year, it was no surprise more slowly appeared in auctions. But 5!?

It's been a fascinating year for scotch whisky which is going from strength to strength with these landmark sales. 

The interest in them has certainly reached new levels as we have a new world record. Slightly ironic because just last month (October 2018), a bottle sold for a new world record too!

However, it was eclipsed by this unique bottle which sold for $1.52m. A truly staggering price for a bottle of whisky, what made it achieve such a monstrous price?

The Story Behind the Macallan 1926

Whenever you want to invest in something, there are three questions you need to ask your self:

  • What's the condition?
  • Does it have provenance?
  • How rare is it?

So this whisky was thought to no longer exist and was last seen in 1999 when it was auctioned by Fortnum & Mason. This is why it's not quoted among the 24 bottles thought to have been bottled after being distilled for 60 years!

Hand-painted by Michael Dillion, you'll immediately notice the unique design of the bottle which differs greatly from the ones designed by Peter Blake and Valerio Adami.

What's more is that there is only ONE!

Final Words

These sales confirm that the market for exclusive scotch-whiskys is extremely active and profitable for collectors and sellers. 

It's a huge moment for whisky in general as this sales price is only going to get bigger!

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New World Record for Macallan 1926
New World Record for Macallan 1926
New World Record for Macallan 1926