15 July, 2018

Why Do We Collect Things?

Collecting can be a crusade, adventure and an ultimate challenge for people. 

We have all collected something in our lives, I collected the original 151 Pokémon and felt as rich as Bill Gates. For a collector, one of the reasons why they do it is to share their collection with anyone who wants to see it. You can see this at meets, exhibitions, festivals and more.

But what is the organising principle of collecting something? The sense of accomplishment? Bragging rights? Perhaps even loyalty. How many football shirts do you have? Or perhaps it's something else. 

If you have ever collected something then you're going to appreciate the commitment of the star of this article. 

6,000 Miniature Bottles of Whiskey Heading into Auction

A collector who amassed an extraordinary collection of 6,000 miniature bottles of whiskey is sending them to auction to make room for their grandkids to visit. 

The collection of whiskey is so big, it takes up a whole room! Consisting of examples from Ireland, American and other places, it's richly diverse and will appeal to a wide array of aficionados. 

Said to be one of the biggest collections in the world, it's been valued at £30,000. The owner has no idea how much this hobby has cost him but has estimated that he paid at least £5 for each bottle.

The Man Behind the Collection - Alex Barclay

The current president of the Mini Bottle Club, Alex has been collecting whiskey since 1974. He credits the birth of his endeavour to his father who gave him a whiskey book two years prior in 1972.

After taking a keen appreciation of miniature whiskey, Alex made a pledge to collect one bottle of whiskey from each distillery he visited.

He would even trade with other whiskey collectors around the world but stopped after a change in his postal system.

Final Words

This collection is one for the history books. Not only for his incredible commitment but how long it will take to get rid of it!

There will be six auctions held over several months but Alex will be keeping his most highly prized bottles which amount to around 500. 

Once a collector, always a collector right?

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Over 6,000 Bottles of Whiskey is Heading into Auction
Over 6,000 Bottles of Whiskey is Heading into Auction