18 October, 2016

Robin Williams’ legacy will live on forever through an acting career which includes over 100 credits but now, 2 years after his death, his prized bicycle collection is set to go to auction and continue his contributions to charity.

Hosted online through Paddle 8, the auction will feature 87 lots and proceeds of the sales will go to two charities that he actively supported during his life, the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The Mrs Doubtfire actor even participated in 11 triathlons for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, such was his love for the charity and also for the sport of cycling.

The auction is expected to make in excess of £150,000 for the charities, with lots including everything from unicycles to children’s bikes. The highest bid so far has been placed on a limited edition polka dot, La Carrera, with bidding already reaching almost £20,000.

The auction also contains several mountain bikes, touring bikes and cruisers and features a number of pieces by Italian framebuilder, Dario Pegoretti, including a custom made frame with the wording “Too bad I don’t work for free, I would love to contribute” and “And have someone check your ideas before you go online with the work!” printed on.





“They can pee while riding. I take my hat off to them—to them, but not near them.”
—Robin Williams, on pro riders’ handling skills

All of the items were donated by William’s three children, Zelda, Zach and Cody, who said in a statement that they hoped “these bikes will bring their new owners as much joy as riding them, and helping these causes, always brought him.”

Williams was an avid cycler with a particular passion for wearing the most eye-catching spandex and his children also stated that although “not required, may we suggest wearing the loudest, most vibrant and brightly-patterned, skintight biking gear possible when riding them?”.

The online auction closes on Tuesday, October 25th.

Check out the follow up to this article for the some of the results of the auction

Featured image from the book Robin Williams : A Singular Portrait: 1986-2002 (ARTHUR GRACE)

Robin William Bike Collection