18 May, 2018

Solo - A Star Wars Art Auction With William George

We felt it was better describing the auction in no other way than that famous text itself. Check out the video below!

In a galaxy far far away...

This month, you'll find an art auction which ends on the same day as the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, Solo - A Star Wars Story. Inside this auction, you will find a collection of prints and paintings from characters from both sides of the force and also the First Order.

Take a look at a few of our favourite lots:

Lot 9 - Han Solo - See in Auction

The original space cowboy? Han Solo is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars. Known as a reluctant hero, there are only a few things which encourage him to put his needs second - usually the fate of the universe.

However, when he is ready to get into the 'saving the universe thing' one of his most famous poses has found itself as a lot in our auction!

In his famous pose, this lot has been made entirely of stamps and then finished on acrylic. Inspired by the original Star Wars, this lot will certainly bring back a few memories from Han Solo back in his heyday along with his companion Chewie.

If you want to take a closer look at this item in the auction then click the link.

Lot 7 - Darkside - See in Auction

The most feared man in the Galaxy is the subject of this lot. Joining the Darkside to save his beloved Padme, Anakin Skywalker made the ultimate plunge and became Darth Vader and sought to achieve a power strong enough, he could stop people from death. 

This lot has a picture of the masked villain made with stamps and finished in acrylic. Keeping with the colour scheme of the sith, this lot will add a new dynamic to its new setting!

To take a closer look at the auction, click the link.

Lot 27 - BB-8 - See in Auction

Lot 27 features the legendary BB-8 unit. Fiercely devoted to Poe, there are no lengths this droid will not go to in order to complete the tasks set to him.

Originally designed based on the R2-D2 sketches, BB-8's final design came from a round ball and a dome on top of it. Simple in nature but still made him one of the early favourites among fans of the franchise.

This lot features a stunning pencil drawing of the droid. To see more of the lot in question, hit the link.

Lot 5 - Luke Skywalker - See in Auction

The son of the Dark Lord, Luke Skywalker produced one of the most iconic lines in movie history after finding out his true parentage. A strong affinity to the force, he followed in his father's footsteps in joining the Jedi and brought balance back to the force but then disappeared.  

This lot features a much older Luke Skywalker. The background itself is in acrylic and was used to promote Star Wars - The Last Jedi.

To see this lot, hit the link above.

Lot 24 - Rey - See in Auction

Straight Outta Jakku, the scavenger found herself caught up in a galaxy-wide search for a droid. Not knowing who it was, she befriends him and then learns why everyone is after it! After helping the droid fulfil the wish of Poe, she embarks on a new adventure and becomes affiliated with the force but who is she?

This lot is an eye-catching pencil drawing. With a complimentary background, this lot will steal a few eyes.

To see the lot, hit the link above.

Final Words

Blending all the films, this auction will feature something for every generation. Ending on the 25th May, there is still time to see the auction. Hit the link below and head straight there to see even more lots which celebrates one of the most defining franchises in history!


Solo - A William George Auction
Solo - A William George Auction
Solo - A William George Auction
Solo - A William George Auction
Solo - A William George Auction
Solo - A William George Auction