04 January, 2018

New Auction Series

Read time 3-4 mins

William George & Co would like to start 2018 with a new series which looks at the strangest items to have ever been auctioned.

The Making of the Series

When you think of an outrageous auction what comes to mind? A lock of a famous person’s hair? Perhaps even their air? You’re getting warm.

Now think bigger. How about the time the German Language Association put the German Language up for auction with a starting bid of €10m? Or, the time a ghost was 'put' in a jar and sold at auction? Finally, used chewing gum from Britney Spears? Now you’re getting somewhere but the list continues, it really does. Did you know that Advertising space on someone’s forehead was sold for $33,375?

Trivia - The First Superman comic, released in 1939, sold for $3.2m. It only cost 10 cents at the time - or $1.76 when you adjust it for inflation.

A Journey into the Weird and Wonderful

The world of auctions is full of stories about items which have truly captured the imagination of us and also caught the attention of a few Governments.

William George & Co have been rummaging through auction history to come up with a definitive list of some of the strangest auctions in history or just some interesting ones. Some of these auctions can be explained and some can’t.

Nevertheless, anything can be sold at auction but we do recommend that you hold onto that thought.

After searching far, wide, big and small, we have chosen our Top-5 which we think are strange, weird or perhaps even a combination of the two. Keep onto that thought though. To kick things off is one of our favourites, an entire empire! And not just any Empire.

Strangest Items in Auction. 5-Part William George & Co Series