26 May, 2018

WG & Co Launch New Bidding Platform

William George & Co, the UK's leading online auction house released their new bidding platform on 18th May 2018. The aim of this new launch was to simplify the bidding process and create a brand new experience for online auction bidders.

Found on our website, you can expect a completely revamped service. Designed with our bidders in mind, we have strived to improve the way auctions are displayed, information is available and the ability for bidders to easily navigate auctions.

"This is a continuation of our long-term vision to make bidding at auction a simple process regardless of what you are looking for." - Robin Gray, Director.

Made with bidders in mind, our new platform is the start of more bidder-orientated improvements aimed at putting bidders at the heart of everything we do. Look out for more improvements to our website!

In order to give you a greater understanding of our new bidding platform, we've go through the main points:

Easy to Use

With its new design, we have simplified the way auctions are displayed and made vital aspects such as premiums, terms, important information etc easier to see. The aim of this revamp is to help you bid with more confidence.

"It's a been a long time in development to make it the essential bidding solution" - Mark Falco, Marketing Manager.

The planning of this new platform involved a complete overview over the way our auctions are interacted with. Having received feedback, we used it in the designing of our new platform to create a bespoke auction experience for our bidders.

Discover More

With all the updates we have planned, they will not be isolated to auctions alone.

Even though we are an online auction house, we like to offer you something more such as our blog page called The Journal. Here, you will be able to find a resource of guides, news, features, spotlights and more. 

Updated with fresh content every week, you can always expect to be updated on something auction related. Head over to The Journal to see the latest articles.


Performing 600 auctions a year can be difficult to keep track of. Our new bidding platform aims to bring all of our auctions into one place.

"This is an exciting time for our ever-growing business. We can't wait for our customers to enjoy their bidding experience more than ever" - Luke Davies, Marketing Executive. 

With our new bidding platform, you will be able to find more even more auctions!

New for You, with you in Mind

We are always trying to find ways to improve your online auction experience so look for future updates aimed at making your online experience even greater! 

“The new look bidding platform is the first in a long line of developments coming soon to William George.” - Robin Gray, Director. 

With the future updates we have planned for our bidders, you can be assured that you will be at the centre of them.

Final Words

Even though all of our auctions can be found on our website, you can still find auctions in our usual places which are The Saleroom, Bidspotter and I-bidder

If you would like to see what the new platform looks like then click the link below. 

The Brand New Bidding Platform from William George