16 November, 2017

Salvator Mundi - A World Record Breaker

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A world record was broken yesterday, no it wasn’t the most crackers eaten in a minute or the worlds highest dive, it was one of a more artistic nature, the most expensive artwork ever sold. 

The artwork in question is the first confirmed discovery of a Leonardo Da Vinci since 1909, the record-breaking price, a whopping, $450 million. 

The painting “Salvator Mundi” is a painting of the most iconic figures in the world by someone considered to be the most important artist of all time, it also far surpasses the previous world record of $300 million which was held by Paul Gauguin's Nafea Faa Ipoipo? (When Will You Marry?). 

The figure Da Vinci depicts is that of Christ wearing a blue robe holding a crystal orb which represents the earth, but not everything was certain.

Controversy Reigns

There were some questions raised by some experts over its authenticity, it’s restoration was extensive and it had previously been mistaken for a copy and sold for the meagre sum of $45 in 1950’s. The new sale comes in at some 500,000% more value than the 1950’s sale which is some increase! 

There were also questions about the orb which Christ was holding, there was no light refraction so the object appears completely see-through, when in reality the light passing through it should appear distorted.

Da Vinci's biographer Walter Isaacson was among those questioning whether the artist 'chose not to paint it that way, either because he thought it would be a distraction or because he was subtly trying to impart a miraculous quality to Christ and his orb.

All this aside, the majority of scholars now believe beyond doubt that the work is genuine and any doubts certainly did not detract from the auction proceedings.

Are There More?

This painting has been on an interesting journey over the past 100 years following its discovery which begs the question what else is there left to discover? The answer is, so much more! Have a look over at www.wgandco.com and you might discover a classic treasure all of your own! 

Final Words

The Salvator Mundi also featured in the biggest artworks sold last year. Check out our article "5 Most Expensive Artworks sold at auction in 2017"  here.

The Last Leonardo Da Vinci, or is it?
The Last Leonardo Da Vinci, or is it?
The Last Leonardo Da Vinci, or is it?
The Last Leonardo Da Vinci, or is it?