02 July, 2018

Top 5 Tips For Buying Art  

Buying art for a home can be a tricky process. If you're buying for a young person, how do you choose an artwork which ages well? If you're buying for someone else, how do you take their needs into account? Finally, if you're buying for a couple, how do you compliment them if they have different tastes?

Questions such as the medium, artist, size, frame and more can infuriate a buyer as they are dominated by these questions. To ease the burden of choosing the right artwork, take a look at this guide which contains the things you need to look out for.

1 - Consider Your Space

When considering the area the painting will be in, observe the surrounding elements. For example, if you choose a loud painting or one which evokes thought then how does the surrounding elements compliment that?

Another example could be the room the painting could be in. For example, typical focal points such as above the mantlepiece or the most visible wall in the house. 

Tip - For modern or contemporary rooms you can consider conceptual or abstract artworks. 

2 - Discover Your Style

What is your style? Do you like to mix things up? For example, an artwork with a mirror or smaller paintings around? Experiment! Make a house a home, your home. 

To consolidate your interest in an artist, go deeper. This helps you to find value beyond the painting itself as you develop a closer appreciation of it. Look at the artist's use of the medium, their style etc. 

Tip - the whole idea of discovering your style is to find your personal taste. 

3 - Think About Decor

When you have an idea of the desired space for the painting, how is it decorated? Do you have any furniture there?  This can affect your choice as you'll need to find a painting which somewhat resembles the general theme.  

In addition, the size of the painting can have a huge bearing on the way it will look in your desired space. 

Tip - consider how the light can affect the painting as well. 

4 - Research & Ask Questions

If you're unsure where to start then you can visit an art gallery and get a feel of the paintings they have on offer. Or, you can go online and view an online art exhibition.

The goal of this research phase is to get an idea as to what jumps out at you or which period, artist, medium and more will be most suitable for you.

If you're buying for someone else then get a second opinion! Bouncing ideas off other people can generate some fantastic ideas. A tip for buying artworks for couples with varying tastes is to symbolise their relationship. For example, life, love, togetherness and more!

Tip - If you still need inspiration for your research then what captures your attention? Or, do you want to capture a moment? Such as the winter or summer etc? 

5 - Follow Your Instincts

Can you live with it? Can you live without it? Are willing to take the plunge?

Tip - If you don't feel a painting is meant to be where it is then considering moving it to another place as it may change the way you feel.

Bonus - Avoid Matching Colours

Contrast can be your friend if you don't want everything to match. Steal the attention with a loud painting in a quiet room or a subtle painting with loud elements. Use art to express who you are as a person and the way you choose to express it. 

Art is a fantastic way to add harmony, ambience, style and fun to a room.

Final Words

Tastes change over time so if you have boxed a painting then it's not uncommon to fall in love with it again. Furthermore, art can outlive a layout so don't get rid of it!

We hope this guide has steered you in the right direction towards solving the potentials pitfalls and issues of buying art. 

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Top 5 Tips For Buying Art - 2018
Top 5 Tips For Buying Art - 2018
Top 5 Tips For Buying Art - 2018
Top 5 Tips For Buying Art - 2018
Top 5 Tips For Buying Art - 2018
Top 5 Tips For Buying Art - 2018