03 September, 2016

Legendary American author Truman Capote’s ashes are due to go under the hammer at a LA auction later this month where they are expected to sell for around £4,500.

The author achieved international recognition with Breakfast at Tiffanys before gaining literary acclaim with his international bestselling novel, In Cold Blood, in 1966.

The remains, which are kept in a Japanese carved wooden box, will go on sale 32 years after his death and belonged to his close friend Joanne Carson. The ashes will go on sale alongside a number of Mrs Carson’s possessions including letters from Capote to Carson, as well as artwork, jewellery and clothing owned by the late novelist.

The auction will be listed through Julien’s Auctions and their president was quick to establish the spirit in which the ashes were to be sold.

”With some celebrities this wouldn’t be tasteful, but I know 100% he would love it,” commented Darren Julien to the Guardian.

”He loved to create press opportunities and to read his name in the paper. I think he would love it that he’s still grabbing headlines today.”

Artwork included in the auction features work from Picasso, Rembradt and Matisse among others.

Truman Capote’s ashes go to auction
Truman Capote’s ashes go to auction