17 August, 2018

To'ak Chocolate - The Most Luxurious Chocolate in the world

Featuring two ingredients, cacao and sugar, it's imperative the quality is absolute. 

Luxurious doesn't come close. It's beyond that. The chocolate derives from a tree thought extinct and 5,000 years old.

We're moving to legend and mythology. 

The tree in question is the Nacional tree - found in two places. Peru and the valley of Piedra de Plata in Ecuador.

To ensure the authenticity, Jerry Toth, the founder, had the Ecuadorian tree tested and it received certification from the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund.

How do you create the most expensive chocolate in the world?  

Making To'ak Chocolate

The selection process is brutal.

The beans go through a process of drying and fermentation and then handpicked based on their size and ripeness. This means each batch is unique to itself.

Here's the second thing, external conditions affect the taste. For example, the storms of 2016 caused record-low harvests and the trees grew one pod for the entire year!

Trivia - The saving grace came from the aroma which became richer.

When they become bars of chocolate, they mature for two years in a whisky barrel which causes that aromatic chocolate.

How Does One Taste Chocolate?

There's a certain science to tasting chocolate. Gone are the days where you devour a bar of chocolate in a timeframe where you think of life and contemplate how to savour the next one.

Patience, emotion and etiquette are the names of the game.

Why? You don't receive an information book, wooden tongs and a carved wooden box with your Galaxy bar do you? It's like tasting a wine.

It's an experience - Here we go!

Tasting Chocolate for Beginners

1) Study the bar like you're solving the Da Vinci code, accommodating Mariah Carey or you receive an extra £50m on your fantasy team.

Trivia - The goal is to look for white splotches which indicate the fats in the cacao separated.

2) Pretend you're on the summit of Mount Everest and all you can hear is the crisp air. Break off a piece and listen for the snap. 

Trivia - A good snap will show the bar is well-tempered.

3) The next is the smell. Blindfold yourself and imagine you're in a room with a sweet aroma that leads you to the one thing you've wanted.

What do you smell?  

4) This is the one - taste. What could it be? Salvation? Mona Lisa? The perfect steak? Get intimate and use your teeth to bite off a piece.

Break it into two or three but don't bite it! Let it melt and watch as all the philosophy you learnt comes rushing back into a burst of flavour.

5) Sit down and feel the finish. Do you have feelings of omnipotence?  

FOR THE BRAVE ONLY: Pair it with wine or whisky.

Final Words

If you made it here, congratulations! Here's the important part and yes, Harrods does sell this 5,000-year-old mythical chocolate.

To'ak makes four editions each year of which are each limited to 100 bars.

Ready, set, go!

What do you think of To'ak chocolate? Would you try a piece? Hit the share button and let us know!

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What's the world's most expensive chocolate?
What's the world's most expensive chocolate?
What's the world's most expensive chocolate?
What's the world's most expensive chocolate?
What's the world's most expensive chocolate?