11 January, 2019

Live Auction 28th February

2018 was a stellar year with work underway on a new website to improve the online auction experience. We want to use this momentum of change and progress to create something more.

Well, 2019 may have only just begun but we are excited to make our first announcement of our first ever live auction!

We want to give our bidders a brand new experience and you can help us make that happen.

Taking place on February 28th, you can be part of a fantastic event by consigning your lots to this auction.

Changing the Mould

By challenging convention, it can breathe fresh air into an industry. A live webcast is certainly a challenge but one which we relish.

“I'm championing live webcast auctions to bring bidders even more fantastic lots in our best catalogues yet.” - Jake M

By breaking the mould, it also gives fantastic opportunities for you to do something different too!

Online auctions are getting bigger and bigger and so can you. This event will be a massive opportunity for you to reach new bidders and grow your business.

How to Get Involved

It's easy to get involved!

Whether it's a stunning piece of jewellery, a thought-provoking artwork, a timepiece or even a pre-loved antique and collectable, there are countless ways to get involved.

With an increasingly diverse catalogue, we can bring even more people to the auction and you can be a part of it.

We are still taking submissions for this landmark auction and the final date for your submission is February 12th 2019!

New Year, New Way to Auction

By diversifying the way in which we do auctions, you can benefit from both our timed online auctions and now, this live auction. 

With the excitement of a new type of auction and a marketing plan to find bidders, this live webcast can encourage competitive bidding and give greater returns on your lots.

Save The Date

February 28th 2019 will be a landmark day for William George & Co and you can still be a part of it.

This live webcast confirms our commitment to finding new ways to improve the bidding experience and challenge convention.

With a fantastic variety of items available such as watches, jewellery, art, antiques and collectables, we plan to bring even more people to our auctions to bid on your lots.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 12th Feb with the live webcast taking place on Thursday 28thFeb at 2pm!

For more information, check out the details here:

William George Announces Live Auction!
William George Announces Live Auction!
William George Announces Live Auction!