28 July, 2018

The Eclipse - World's Most Expensive Yachts 

Welcome to our new series which looks of the most luxurious yachts in the world. 

In this article, we are exploring the aptly named Eclipse yacht which has everything you can think of.

The owner of this otherworldly vessel is no other than Russian Businessman and Chelsea FC Owner, Roman Abramovich.

What makes this Yacht 'eclipse' its rivals?


This yacht is a floating hotel.

It's able to house over 30 guests in its 18 cabins. In addition to this, the eclipse can carry 70 crew members who ensure guests get the 5-star treatment. But that isn't the best part.


Due to the sheer size of The Eclipse, there's no shortage of entertainment. Jacuzzi, swimming pool, outdoor bars, gym, areas for relaxation and others. It's literally, a one-stop shop for a holiday in one place. 

Trivia - the length of The Eclipse is over 530ft.

Oh yeah, if you want to arrive in style, you can make use of the two helipads. But that isn't the most important question.

Yes, it has Wi-Fi.


When it comes to security, The Eclipse is boasting: Intruder detection, anti-paparazzi, a submarine and a missile defence system. 

In case you're wondering, the anti-paparazzi system will shine lights in the camera lens. The submarine and missile defence system will do what the name suggests.

Who Built The Eclipse?

Blohm + Voss built the Eclipse after 5 years of planning, development and construction. Finished in 2010, the new owner received the luxury ultra-safe yacht of yachts. 

Terence Disdale designed the interior and an array of custom finishes unique to the yacht.

With a top speed of 21 knots (24 mph), You'll be cruising in style. The Eclipse reportedly has fuel tanks capable of storing 1,000,000 litres. This provides a nautical range of 6,000 miles. If you're ever thirsty, the water tanks can store 150,000 litres of water.

Final Words

The cost of The Eclipse is as extraordinary as its price. With figures ranging from $400m-$1.5bn, there's no doubt The Eclipse has justified its price with what it's offering. 

Voted as the motor yacht of the year, The Eclipse has made some waves in the world of yachts in terms of both design and performance.

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World's Most Expensive Superyachts - The Eclipse
World's Most Expensive Superyachts - The Eclipse
World's Most Expensive Superyachts - The Eclipse
World's Most Expensive Superyachts - The Eclipse
World's Most Expensive Superyachts - The Eclipse