30 September, 2018

Interested in bidding or selling with us?


Who am I buying from/selling to?

The contract of sale exists between the buyer and the seller.

Although the auction house collects payment, they do so on behalf of the seller who they are acting as an agent for. Both parties should be aware of the below procedures…


What does the seller have to disclose in their listings?

The seller is requested to provide as much information as they can to allow bidders to make an informed decision before bidding.

The seller is required to disclose any material defects, faults or damage to the goods. If no such information is included in the important information or description, then it should be deemed that the goods are in working/running order.


What do I do if there is an issue with my purchase?

Goods should be checked on collection or delivery, and where this is not possible, they should be checked as soon as is possible and any issues reported to both the seller and auctioneer within 10 days. 

If goods are delivered, and cannot be checked immediately, they should be signed for as ‘received unchecked’ in order that the seller can make representations to couriers if items have been damaged in transit.

The auction house will not be able to intervene in any issues that are raised after this period and these should be directed to seller using their contact details found on your Collection Note.

The auctioneer will always seek to advise and assist both parties in the event of a dispute. 

The overarching principles of fairness, transparency and integrity will be preserved, however disputes raised more than 10 days after receipt of the goods will be the responsibility of the seller to resolve and our power to intervene is reduced after this time.

Failure to respond promptly and appropriately to claims made will likely result in the auctioneer reviewing its relationship with sellers, as we seek to represent reliable, honest and quality sellers only.


What happens if I have bought a diamond or gemstone I am unsure of?

Disputes relating to the material quality/authenticity of diamonds and gemstones are mediated by the independent AnchorCert Gem Lab at the Centre of Excellence in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham.

Buyers seeking clarification on the nature of a diamond or gemstone purchased in auction should notify the seller and auctioneer immediately and have the opportunity to submit the stone for testing via the auctioneers account with AnchorCert. 

Their assessment will form the basis of any mediation and in the event the buyer and seller cannot find an amicable resolution the auctioneer will make a final decision. If the description is deemed to be deliberately or negligently misleading, then the stone will be returned to the seller and a full refund provided to the buyer by the seller, including any fees associated with the assessment.

If the assessments corroborate the description given in auction, the item will be returned to the buyer and they shall be liable for the assessment fees.

If the buyer’s complaint is upheld and they are refunded for the item, the auction house shall always refund any auction fees. 

The auction house may elect to recover some or all of these fees from the seller in the event the description is found to be misleading, and responsibility lies with the seller to ensure they are confident and comfortable with any descriptions provided.