30 September, 2018

Registering for an online auction


Why do I have to register a payment card against my account?

In order to create a bidding account, we need to verify certain details to verify the identity of bidders. Card details are used to cross reference with names and addresses on the accounts to prevent fraudulent bidding and preserve the integrity of the auctions.

Funds will not be debited from your card in order to bid, and once you have won lots in auction you will receive an email invoice with instructions on how to make payment.


Do I need to pay a deposit to bid?

No – bidders are not required to pay a deposit to bid as a rule.

In some circumstances deposits are required – e.g. to view an item, or if they have had negative feedback from other auction houses.


Why is my registration pending/declined?

The most common cause of a pending registration is that you have not verified your email address and/or phone number. If this is the case, please check the My Account section to verify these details.

We also require a full name – nicknames, single names, or business names in the name field are not permitted.

If you have checked all of these issues and your registration is still pending, it may be that you have some negative feedback on your account from another auction house – please email enquiries@wgandco.com if you are unsure why your account is pending/declined