07 May, 2018

Common Mistakes made by Online Auction Sellers

Do you have a solid online selling profile? Or, could it be better? Here we explain common mistakes made by online sellers so that you can ensure you’re not making them.

Online Auctions

Selling in online auctions gives you the opportunity to reach a truly massive audience. However, it’s necessary to ensure you’re maximising this audience by constantly evaluating how you’re selling.

Online Sellers

It’s not uncommon for sellers to experience low engagement with their items. This can be for a variety of reasons. To increase the levels of engagement your items experience, this guide can be used to avoid mistakes commonly made by sellers.

Poor Quality Images

Taking images which are of poor quality can have a real impact on the willingness for buyers to view your items – let alone bid on them. This is because they cannot see an accurate representation of your lot.

It's important to remember that as a seller, the buyer cannot interact with the item physically and instead, rely on images.

This creates a need for the seller to provide high-quality images to give the buyer the chance to see the item clearly and give them enough visual information to be satisfied with the look of the product.

Not Enough Images

Not having enough images can stop the buyer from viewing your item completely. A single image can easily manipulate the buyer as they may not be able to see any damage, defects or missing pieces. Without showcasing the product from different perspectives, you’re denying the buyer and ultimately, yourself.

Providing images from different angles can give the buyer a greater overview of the item. This can increase the likelihood of them engaging with your item which can lead to a bid being made.

Start Price too High

It’s not uncommon for sellers to overprice their item before the start of an auction. This can be for a variety of reasons such as the seller having a greater understanding of the item. This high price can discourage a buyer and also, the prospect of multiple bids being made from different buyers.

Instead, if you choose to start with a lower price, it can encourage different buyers to come in and indirectly lead to a higher price being obtained.   

High Delivery Costs

Online auctions can greatly expand your range as the buyer will not physically need to be present during the auction - they can bid from anywhere. If you provide shipping, this can encourage more buyers as they will not need to collect the item if they are located far away.

However, if the cost to deliver is considered too high then this can discourage buyers as it will have an effect on the perceived value of the item. Offering competitive shipping rates can increase the likelihood of your items being engaged with from online bidders.

Spelling & Grammar Errors

Spelling and grammar errors can greatly affect your items as they will look unprofessional and this can discourage buyers as they question your credibility. Having a professional presentation, free of errors, can improve the look of your item and increase the chances of engagement which can lead to a bid being made.

Bonus Tip

What's a guide without a bonus tip?

Bad Descriptions

Bad product descriptions can misinform buyers and this can be enough for your item to be skipped or receive little engagement.

In our previous article ‘How to write a good product Description’, it highlights the ways in which sellers can improve their product descriptions to increase the chances of their product standing out and receiving engagement.

Having a strong product description, accompanied by images, can give the buyer enough information to make a bid.

Writing an effective product description can be challenging. Take a look at our guide "How to write a Good Product Description - William George & Co" which explains some of the areas you can use to improve your product descriptions.

5 Common Mistakes made by Online Auction Sellers + Bonus - 2018
5 Common Mistakes made by Online Auction Sellers + Bonus - 2018
5 Common Mistakes made by Online Auction Sellers + Bonus - 2018