16 April, 2018

Bid With Confidence with William George & Co.

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William George & Co. have recognised the need to bid with confidence and have developed a series of practices to help us reach this aim. Below, you can see what we are doing to ensure that our bidders have all the information they need to bid on an item with confidence.

We hold all payments to vendors

We withhold payments to our vendors unless we are satisfied that the item in question has been delivered or collected. Examples of proof can be the courier invoice or the buyer confirming that they have received the item.

We will also ensure that they are happy with their item and that it matches their description.

You can contact us before, during and after an auction

At William George and Co, you can contact us through the ‘Ask a Question’ feature on our website or social media, email and telephone. We want to make ourselves available on multiple platforms so that our buyers and vendors can find us.

Viewings offered up to 24 hours before auction ends

If bidders want to see an item, they can request a viewing up to 24 hours before an auction closes. This can help to qualm any fears and help the bidder to make an informed decision regarding the item. It also gives the bidder and vendor time to build up a relationship.

We don’t sell counterfeit goods

All of our items in auction are genuine. We do not accept counterfeit goods for our auctions. Bidders can also be assured that our vendors are vetted and all auctions held on William George and Co are monitored.

High-quality images and descriptions

All of our vendors are encouraged to use high-quality images and quality descriptions, to give buyers all the information they need before considering to make a bid. Vendors can find guides, made by us, which are designed to help them create effective product descriptions and also item presentation.

No Ivory Can be Found in Our Auctions

Here at William George & Co, we recognise the importance of preserving endangered species and have banned the sale of Ivory in all of our auctions. We have partnered with groups who campaign to save endangered species such as Rhinos and Elephants. You can read more in our press release here.

Final Words 

William Goerge & Co are always trying to improve the auction experience for our bidders and if you have any ideas then contact us!

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