07 January, 2019

How to Buy Diamonds in Auction

Buying a diamond online can present the same amount of trouble as looking for a new home, car or even a holiday.

Where do you start? What do you prioritise? How do you skip past the jargon? Well, we created this guide because that diamond you're looking for does exist and hopefully, we can take you there.

From the 4cs right down to what's the best setting, start asking yourself the right questions before you buy diamonds online!

What Are the 4 Cs of a Diamond?

When you begin searching for a diamond you will start coming across a term called 'The Four Cs'.

What this refers to are the characteristics which determine the quality of a diamond. When you break them down, they stand for Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. 

We have a guide for each aspect of the Four Cs. Begin your journey to discovery here: 

It's important that you make use of the various guides available to imagine the diamond you're looking for. 

What's My Budget?

Determining a budget for your desired gemstone, ring or diamond is pivotal because it gives you an opportunity to understand what you can immediately afford.

Fortunately, there are dedicated auctions and other channels for engagement rings, gemstones and diamonds which provides a fantastic opportunity to focus on what you're looking for.

Once your budget is established, it's important to stick to it.

Which Diamond Setting is the Best?

There's a wealth of settings available for your jewellery. 

Each one has their pros and cons because they accentuate different parts of the diamond at the expense of others. 

You have classics such as the 4-prong setting and iconic ones like the Tiffany Setting. Perhaps you want to be audacious and choose a timeless tension setting?

Finding the setting you want can be overwhelming but this guide we found on Diamonds Pro. 

Which Diamond Shape is the Best?

Diamonds come in various shapes and this affects the way they look and feel. For example, there's the round-cut, oval or even princess cuts but there's more!

Finding the ideal shape means you'll need to know what other shapes are out there and we found this informative guide from Diamond Pro to explain.

Check out this guide on diamond shapes and find that perfect shape to symbolise what you're looking for.

Gold vs Platinum - Which One is Better?

The arguments regarding gold, white gold and platinum are quite fascinating. 

They each have their own pros and cons which range from how comfortable they are to wear right down to which metal is easier to work with!

What you need to remember is that platinum is the most expensive out of the three. It's renowned for its longevity but it requires special knowledge when working on it e.g. resizing. 

Check out this guide from Doamore who explains the main differences between the three metals.

How to Buy Diamonds at Auction?

You can find a wealth of jewellery available in our auctions from gemstones to engagement rings and luxury jewellery.

Discover our current catalogues to Bid, Win and Love today!

Buying a Diamond in Auction Checklist
Buying a Diamond in Auction Checklist
Buying a Diamond in Auction Checklist
Buying a Diamond in Auction Checklist
Buying a Diamond in Auction Checklist