19 April, 2018

WG Diamond Series - Colour

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The second part of our series exploring the 4 Cs of the diamond-verse is colour. 

Diamonds can range from being colourless to being yellow. In order to distinguish the colour of a diamond, the GIA made a scale which grades a diamond on the appearance of colour. Diamonds graded as D are colourless and diamonds graded as Z are yellow.

Diamond Grading Scale D-Z

Colourless (D-F)

The most desirable because of their lack of colour. There are subtle differences between D and F and require controlled environments as the naked eye will not be able to see. The diamond will be un-mounted and thoroughly examined. 

Near Colorless (G-J)

These diamonds will contain a small presence of colour and are still hard to see with the naked eye. 

Faint Color (K-M)

Diamonds within this range are easier to identify with the naked eye as the presence of colour is more present. 

Very Light Color (N-R)

Any Diamonds with this grade will contain a presence of colour that can be yellow or even brown. It's important not to confuse these coloured stones with fancy coloured stones.  

Light Color (S-Z)

At the bottom of the chart are S-Z whose presence of colour is extremely visible.

Are Fancy Coloured Diamonds the Same as Diamonds?

Fancy coloured diamonds are renowned for their mesmerising colours of red, blue, pink and more. They are known as "fancy” colours and they have a separate grading to normal diamonds. 

Trivia - One in every 10,000 diamonds made are naturally coloured.

The fancy colours are graded on their depth of colour. For example, light, vivid and intense. They have grown in popularity and have become fashion items. They have also been used to create some of the most expensive watches in the world. Check out our article "What is the Most Expensive Watch in the World?" - here.

Final Words

The setting of a ring can expose or hide the presence of colour in a diamond. For example, if the mounting was yellow then it can hide the presence of yellow in a diamond which can make it look less yellow than it actually is. On the other hand, if the mounting was white, it would expose any presence of Yellow.  

The colour of the diamond can have a huge influence on the price of the stone as diamonds graded as D are the most highly treasured as their absence of colour is rare. 

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Diamond Guide - Colour
Diamond Guide - Colour
Diamond Guide - Colour