07 October, 2018

How Can Online Sellers Take Better Pictures?

The Office For National Statistics released a report which said for every £5 spent, £1 would have been spent online. This is massive because, in 2016, online retail sales in the UK accounted for £60bn. 

The popularity of online shopping is growing and this has caused a ripple effect. How? Online auctions are starting to see an increase in new bidders too.

With consumer preferences changing, it presents a fantastic opportunity for sellers to grow their online business. However, don't forget the golden rule: 

  • Amazing items deserve amazing pictures.

When shopping online, customers cannot physically interact with a product so they rely on images and descriptions to help make a decision. If you're able to optimise those areas, you can improve the number of interactions your products receive in an online auction.

With this free 5-point guide, are you optimising your images?

1) Take Clear Pictures 

Clear pictures can depict an object the way it's supposed to be. Why? Online bidders can enjoy clear and top quality images to get a complete overview of the item. This can help them to decide if they want to place a bid.

Other benefits of clear pictures can be found in their versatility. They are easier to adapt to marketing campaigns giving them more chance of being seen & sold!

2) Good Lighting

If there's an element that can change the entire look of an item then it's the lighting.

There are times where bad lighting has changed the dynamic of an image. How? It's hidden a defect or ignored an area that could negatively impact the online bidder.

To ensure you have sufficient lighting, you can use a number of desk-based light tents that can help you achieve a fantastic photo environment.

3) Multiple Angles

Why just focus on the front? The online bidder wants to see all of it so get creative!

Adopting a creative mindset can give the online bidder a positive experience viewing your item. 

In essence, the multiple angles give potential bidders an accurate representation of the item they are bidding on. They are more likely to bid if they know what they are getting!

4) Keep it Clean

Do your images need any aesthetics or other distracting elements? 

When you sell in an auction, it's advantageous to keep it clean and simple by only including the item you are looking to sell.

Tip - Use a blank background too (white is effective). People like to know exactly what they are getting!

5) Limitless Pictures!

Why stop at a few?

When you sell with us, you can upload as many pictures as you want so why don't you make use of that and take as many as you need?

There’s no cost to upload extra pictures so make sure to get as many great shots as you will need! 

Final Words

Why are images so important?

When an online bidder cannot physically interact with your product, how you portray it with images are vital. If you would like more information then check out our article: How to take better photos and sell more stuff.

If you missed our guide on optimising descriptions then check it out here: How to write a Good Product Description - William George & Co.

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