15 May, 2018

Why You Can Trust WG and Co

Online auctions are continuing to grow and offer a new alternative for online sellers. Here at William George, we have created a service which can help you, as a seller, to add another revenue stream to your business and help you to grow.

Your Questions, Answered

The idea of buying and selling in an online auction can raise a lot of questions. Here at William George and Co, we have recognised these questions and want to assure bidders and vendors that auctions and at William George and Co are easy, safe and secure.

Manage all your auctions online

We want to simplify the process of a Vendor managing their items in an auction. That is why we created the Vendor Centre.

The Vendor Centre is a platform where vendors can deposit their auction and then watch its evolution from start to finish all in real-time.

Central point of contact

The Vendor Centre will assign an auctioneer to you and this central point of contact enables vendors to ask all the relevant questions which will give you enough information to make a decision regarding your auction. 

Secured Service

Our website is secured with the SSL certificate which provides effective protection against online threats. Vendors know they can trust William George and Co with the padlock sign found in the URL address bar.

Knowledge of our field

Vendors can take comfort in the knowledge that our auctioneers, who you will be working with, have a fantastic knowledge of the auctioneering world and will be able to help you with any questions which you may have.

For more information, take a look at our Sell With Us page which tells you everything you need to know!

Selling at William George & Co.
Selling at William George & Co.
Selling at William George & Co.
Selling at William George & Co.