30 August, 2016

Following on from our blog offering tips for making money on antiques and investing only in things that you are happy to have in your home for potentially years to come, today we will look at how to use your antiques to give your home the distinctive look and feel that it deserves.

As much as we look to have the most modern and cutting edge designs and technology within our homes, these can be supplemented with antiques that have stood the test of time and have a story to tell, offering a more unique and distinguished style.

Opposites attract and the same is true of design, mixing modern, clean lines with pieces of history that create a focal point, add character and tell a story from the past. This bringing together of opposing forces creates chemistry and project your personality within your home.

1. Less is more

Too many distinctive pieces can clutter a room and take away from the impact of items, using one piece as a focal point will ensure that it adds character and creates a talking point.

2. Utilise your antiques

Displaying pieces that serve a purpose can provide added ambience, items such as vintage tables, mirrors and, working clocks can all still serve a practical purpose within the home.

Use items like these to make your home feel more cosy and comfortable, integrating antiques with your everyday life adds personality whilst creating a feeling of movement and rhythm within your home.

3. Consider the colours

As with any home furniture and decoration, colour plays an important role, darker pieces can overshadow a smaller room whereas when placed in a larger room or one with plenty of natural light, the effect can be both vivid and powerful.

Consider the general colour scheme of each room and assess how pieces can create impact rather than detract from it.

4. Find your own style

Above all, it's important to find your own style and you can enhance the impact of your pieces by contrasting their styles and eras against each other, this adds variety and provides a real opportunity to showcase your own personality and style within your home. Your home should tell a story and give an insight into your personal tastes and character.

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Blue Antique Couch
Wooden Floor Living Room
White Antiques Living Room