21 May, 2018

Auction House Spotlight: William George & Co. 

William George & Co. has been operating since 2012 and since then, we have endeavoured to offer a real auction experience to our bidders. Take a look as to how we differentiate ourselves from other auction houses.

NAA Certified

William George and Co are a certified member of the NAA (National Auctioneers Association). Being an NAA member means that we uphold a code of ethics designed to ensure that we are operating to a strong professional standard.

An example of how we uphold the ethics of this code is by offering as much transparency as possible so you, the bidder, can bid with confidence. In addition, we encourage our vendors to provide accurate descriptions and images to ensure that you can make an informed decision if you want to bid.

Easy to Contact

You can contact us on social media, our website, bidding platforms and through searching on the internet. We are available before, during and after an auction.

William George and Co. are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore, you can find on our auctions a contact us feature where you can raise any issues with lots and this can help you to ease any concerns you have and help you to bid with confidence.

Years of Experience

William George and Co have been operating for several years and in that time have become a leading online auction house. We aim to pioneer new ways to improve the experience of our Buyers and Vendors.

New updates are coming! All aimed at simplifying the process of selling and making bidding engaging. 

Professional Ethics

Recently, William George and Co committed to stop selling Ivory in support of calls to ban it from auctions. 

We have adopted the following policy: Wildlife-friendly online trade 2017 - a harmonised policy for e-commerce and social media companies. We have been working alongside some fantastic charities who ensure we fulfil our goal to achieve a positive change. To view information on the policy, click here.

Education Guides

There will be times where some of our Buyers and Vendors are new to online auctions or want tips and advice on how to improve their experience. William George has recognised this and has written walkthroughs on important aspects of online auctions such as common auction mistakes or how to become a better buyer or seller. The aim of these guides is to promote how safe and easy it is to bid and sell online.

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Why you can trust William George and Co.
Why you can trust William George and Co.
Why you can trust William George and Co.