18 June, 2018

Auction Spotlight: Top Gear's Reasonably Priced Car

As far as Vauxhall Astras go, this is probably the most famous? Chosen to be the reasonably priced car is an accolade only 4 cars have ever had. 

It all started with the Suzuki Liana that covered a mammoth 1,600 laps and went through around 400 tyres and reportedly had its brakes changed 100 times! Another claim to fame was the six clutches it required during its stint on the show.

The Liana was replaced by the Chevrolet Lacetti and was given a send-off worthy of champions. Crushed by a falling chimney, it remains the only reasonably priced car to receive a death by chimley title.

Moving on to the Vauxhall Astra, it's here where our spotlight begins.

One Track

You’ve all heard the story... one track, one lap, one car. The reward has tempted the mighty from all over the world and created rivalries that have even brought people back as they seek to improve on their last time and get one up on their target - we mean competitor.

Dunsfold Aerodrome, formerly the testing facility of Lotus, has been the scene of many triumphs and moments of despair as celebrities have broken barriers, and almost the car, as they attempt to achieve glory.

One of the most notable moments was Michael Gambon when he almost flipped the reasonably priced car and was truly recognised as the corner was named after him. 

Consisting of 8 corners, the track is designed to test a car to its limits with a mixture of slow corners and fast follow-through corners. This combines to place a heavy emphasis on the need for an effective chassis.

One Lap

Who was your all-time favourite top gear lap? Were they in the wet, the damp or the dry?

Watching someone tackle the Top Gear lap is a true privilege. As they walk on the podium, their swagger gives away a part of their lap time and their reaction to watching their own lap has caused some memorable reactions. 

Shock, horror, surprise, sadness and denial to name a few - it's all happened, it's why we love it.

How many times have you slipped into another dimension as you watch their lap? Carefully watching their attempt and judging each corner to the highest degree? Cheering them on as they delicately grace the tight corners and roaring through the speed trap? 

Come rain or sunshine, countless memories have been made and immortal moments created when a driver sought to squeeze out as many tenths as they could.

One Car

The list of notable drivers for this car will be the envy of many.

Will Smith, David Haye, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Aaron Paul and even Keifer Sutherland have battled each other for the title of ‘The Fastest Celebrity on Top Gear’ from 2013-2015.

Trivia - The Vauxhall Astra was sporting a 1.6L engine with a top speed of 118mph.

Olly Murs prevailed during the Vauxhall Astra era and beat over 20 other drivers to the coveted crown. Before the car was replaced by the Toyota GT86, it was auctioned off with all proceeds going to the motoring charity, BEN.

William George & Co. will have this car in an auction!

Final Words

The reasonably priced car is the holy grail of Top Gear.

The list of celebrities who have graced its wheel is second to none. As far as conversation starters go, this is one of the best. Forget the new Rolex you have or your collection of wine from around the world, the Top Gear car is something the whole world has seen and something they would love to drive and that could not be truer.

Head over to our auction now to find more details.

A Very Special Auction - The Top Gear Car!
A Very Special Auction - The Top Gear Car!
A Very Special Auction - The Top Gear Car!
A Very Special Auction - The Top Gear Car!
A Very Special Auction - The Top Gear Car!