16 February, 2018

What's Happening at William George & Co.?

This month at William George & Co, you will be able to take part in our Classic & Prestige Car Auction. This auction has already garnered interest from car enthusiasts but to give you an idea of what to expect in our auction, check out this featured lot.

Featured Classic Car in Auction - TVR S3C

Heading into this auction is a classic from TVR - The S3C which came from the respected S-Series.

It kicked TVR in an entirely new direction after a wedge-dominated 1980s - Modern Classics 

The S-series was in production from 1986 - 1994 and was a revival of the TVR philosophy after the wedge inspired designs of cars in the 80's. The S3C achieved its goal refreshing the brand and returning TVR back to basics.

Performance Details

The TVR S3C is certainly no pushover. The S3C has maintained the style and performance which TVR is known for.

It’s a car perfect for the driving purist - you really feel connected to the road with a low driving position, the racing steering wheel and the sound of the exhaust that just reverberates through your chest. It never gets old! - Jake Margiotta 

The S3C offers an authentic drive and carries the values of TVR with it so what owners of the vehicle can expect are:

Engine 2933cc/V6/OHV
Power [email protected] 
Torque 162lb [email protected]
Maximum speed 130mph 
0-60mph 7.5sec
Transmission RWD, five-speed manual

Final Words

For the driving purist, the S3C offers an experience to be treasured and rekindles the love affair that drivers have with the road. 

You can view more information about this vehicle with the auction link. The Classic & Sports Cars Auction ends on 26th April 2018.

Auction Spotlight: TVR S3C
Auction Spotlight: TVR S3C
Auction Spotlight: TVR S3C