09 November, 2017

Britain's Greatest Car Manufacturer - Ginetta

Next, in our series tells the story of Ginetta who was founded by 4 brothers. These 4 brothers would later go on to create a brand who has been synonymous with motorsport ever since their creation.

History of Ginetta

Ginetta was founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers who hand-build road and race cars. Before their takeover in 2005 by Lawrence Tomlinson, Ginetta had created a heritage which saw them become renowned among British race car brands.

Early Models of Ginetta

Ginetta's first car in 1958 was called the G2, with visual elements to the Lotus 7 and was for circuit racing. it was succeeded by the G3 and the very popular G4 as it was a road-worthy circuit racing car. This car's legacy was acknowledged as it was revived in 1981.

Ginetta in Motorsport

Ginetta has a strong presence in Motorsport and has made a series of cars which they have been racing throughout their history. They had a brief period in the 80's where they went back to their roots and made a series of kit cars. 


  • In 2005, Ginetta was acquired by Lawrence Tomlinson who began work on the G50 in celebration of the 50th birthday of the company.
  • In 2010, Thomlinson acquired Farbio and inherited what would become the G60 which was a 2 door mid-engined sports car able to reach speeds of 165mph.

Ginetta Racing Series

"What Ginetta Junior gives you is a far better understanding of the fundamentals of driving a car, particularly weight transfer (how accelerating, braking and cornering affect grip and stability) " - Driving.co.uk reviewing the Ginetta Junior Championships.

Ginetta, since their takeover by Lawrence, has delved deeply into Motorsport and provide racing series which cater for different levels of experience.

  • The Ginetta Junior Championships which is the UK's longest-running junior series.
  • Ginetta Racing Drivers Club. 
  • Ginetta Racing Drivers Club + for advanced drivers.
  • A GT5 challenge involving G40's.
  • A Supercup which is broadcast on TV.

Ginetta's Legacy

Ginetta has earned recognition across the motor world with honourable mentions in Top Gear's 20 great cars made in Great Britain. The popularity of their racing series is a testament to their standing among sports car manufacturers.

Is Genetta the greatest manufacturer in the UK? Or is there an even more worthy winner? Next in our series is Jaguar who created a car the legendary Enzo Ferrari called the most beautiful car ever made.

Britain's greatest car manufacturer Ginetta
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Ginetta
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Ginetta
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Ginetta