08 December, 2017

Britain's Greatest Manufacturer Spotlight - Williams

The next manufacturer to feature in our series is Williams who has grown to become one of Formula 1's greatest stories.

The Man Behind Williams

The only family-run team on the F1 grid who have since expanded into areas beyond the sport. The story of Williams started in 1966 after Frank Williams created Frank Williams Racing Cars. Their first race was in 1969. Frank Williams would only be at the team until the 1976 season when he was removed by Walter Wolf.

Return of Williams

A year later, he created Williams Grand Prix Engineering, now called Williams Martini Racing, who have since secured 16 FIA F1 Championships (9 Constructors’ and 7 Drivers’), 114 Wins and 243 podiums in Formula 1 so far.

Williams Impact on F1

Their journey in Formula 1 has added many pages to its history with successes such as their championship victories through pioneering engineering to the lows which saw one of the greatest drivers of all-time tragically succumb to their injuries in 1994. The story of Williams is profound and will go down as one of F1’s success stories.

Williams Beyond F1

Williams operates across many different sectors and has created a diverse portfolio. Their Advanced Engineering division has worked with other manufacturers like Jaguar where they created a hybrid supercar called the C-X75.

They provide all the engines for the Formula E championships which are entirely electric and they partnered with Nissan to create high-performance road cars.

Other areas are sports science, defence, marine and civil aerospace.

Williams Heritage Centre

Williams opened their heritage centre where they house all their Formula 1 achievements both past and present. They also have every car they have ever made over the past 40 years with most of which being operational.

Frank's Contribution to F1

Frank Williams, who later became a Quadriplegic in 1986 after a road accident, was knighted in 1999 for his contribution to motorsport and a Legion of Honour for his success with the Renault engine.

Sir Frank’s story which has seen him turn his passion for motor racing into his life, to then reach the pinnacle of Motorsport only to get usurped but to rise again akin to a phoenix and set alight a story which has changed Frank, F1 and motorsport in general.

Future of Williams

The story of Williams will continue to unfold across many areas. What strives this team forward is their philosophy which is the living embodiment of their founder who still attends every race with no loss of enthusiasm. 

The final manufacturer in our series is their great rival, Lotus.

Britain's greatest car manufacturer Williams
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Williams
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Williams
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Williams
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Williams
Britain's greatest car manufacturer Williams