24 September, 2018

Bugatti Chiron - Who Needs a Hybrid?

Just when you thought the hybrid era was the way to go for hypercars, Bugatti has taught us there is still room for improvement. 

The Bugatti is a world apart from the Veyron, it's more powerful, faster and overall just better. However, a question still remains... how could Bugatti improve it so much?

The accolade of producing the fastest car in the world is a three-way battle between Koenigsegg, Hennessey and Bugatti. However, the Chiron has been limited, so there is some extra speed in there.

Bugatti Chiron Design

If you're wondering how a car can rival the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and co then ask Bugatti.

Their reasoning behind abandoning the hybrid train came from the consequences of using it. Just like in our article: Aston Martin is Going Electric With The Rapide E, you learnt that the battery unit replaced the engine, gearbox and the fuel tank.

Along with the additional weight added to the car through the motors and battery, the car would also need to be completely redesigned to accommodate the new package. Finally, you would lose vital space to add extra devices to aid in performance, aerodynamics, cooling and more.

Instead, they used the Veyron as the base and improved it in any way they could. The result? They pushed the notion of physics to a new level. Let me explain.  

  • The air cooling system sends 60,000 litres of air per minute into the engine.
  • 800 litres of water circulates the car to cool the engine to generate power.
  • 6 pipes ( four at the back as exhausts and two pointing air downwards to create a diffuser).

Improving the Veyron was always going to be a tough task but Bugatti knows how to make a fast car even faster. Next up are the performance stats.

Bugatti Chiron Performance

The engine is a development of the Veyron’s 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16. One thing remains, the monstrous power is deployed to all four wheels.

  • 0-60mph - 2.5s.
  • 0-124mph - 6.5s.
  • Top Speed - 261mph (limited).
  • 8L W16 engine.
  • BHP - 1,500hp.
  • Price - Starts from £1.9m.
  • The number of units - 500.

Not bad eh? The W16 engine means that it has 16 cylinders in a 4x4 in a W formation. 

In addition, The Chiron contains 4 turbos, yes four. Two are blowing all the time and the final two are activated after 3800 RPM and fed by 8 exhausts!

Bugatti Chiron Specs

In our article: Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Unveiled at Pebble Beach, we explored their intricate use of driving modes which reinvented the car.

The Chiron has 5 driving modes that are used for various terrains: 

  • Lift - speedbumps and putting the car on a trailer.
  • Auto - default setting. 
  • Autobahn - kicks in after 112mph and used for cruising.
  • Handling - Track mode.
  • Top Speed - If you have the open road then open her up.

We know which one has our vote.

Final Words

The Chiron is a remarkable car. These stats are completely insane, the four turbos speak for itself. Is it better than the lego version though? Find out here: Bugatti Chiron Created with 1,000,000 Pieces of LEGO.

The horseshoe grill and c-bar remind you it's unmistakably Bugatti. 

They have shown us that the hybrid era still has some work to do before it replaces the fossil fuel era. 

In the battle of the hypercars, Bugatti still has a role to play and we look forward to writing about it!

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Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers
Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers