11 October, 2016

Porsche Triples Value in 3 months!

We all like a good investment but not many can match one Swedish buyer, who managed to cash in on his Porsche only 3 months after he’d bought it.

The Porsche 911 R

The car in question is a 500bhp Porsche 911 R, and the owner decided to cash in on his fast-appreciating asset by selling it over the weekend for 3 times what he bought it for in July.

The lucky original owner bought the car direct from Porsche Stockholm for £140,000 but due to the rarity and exclusivity of the vehicle, it has just sold for £436,404 at auction. The car, which was sold at Bonhams, was the first 911 R to be sold publicly and as such attracted a lot of attention from bidders.

Limited Production Run

Only 991 of the car will ever be made with this car representing number 135 in the production run. They were only offered to Porsche’s most esteemed customers and as such were not made available for general sale, something which left many Porsche enthusiasts disappointed.

Final Words

The car is very similar to a GT3 but possesses the 4.0L engine from a GT3R and is instead equipped with a manual gearbox, leading it to be dubbed “the best manual you can’t buy”, now that all 991 have been sold.

Fitted with a 500bhp engine that sends it from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds before it reaches its 201mph top speed, Porsche described the 911 R as a road-legal racing car when they unveiled it at this year's Geneva Motor Show.