25 June, 2018

Ferrari 250 GTO Given $45m Estimate

Not too long ago we wrote an article which explored the record sale of a Ferrari 250 GTO for a cool £52m ($70m). You can read the article "Record £52m Sale for Ferrari 250 GTO" here for more details.

It became the most expensive car ever. With only 36 being made, they are indeed quite rare. Not often appearing in auction has made their prices dramatically increase over the decades. With the record Ferrari sale not so long ago, it's begged the question whether or not we will ever see a car sell for £100m. 

Current owner Greg Whitten may have produced a masterstroke in selling his GTO now. Or has he?

Let's take a closer look at the chassis #003 Ferrari 250 GTO.

#003 Ferrari 250 GTO 

Despite being the third 250 GTO ever made, it still comes with its original engine, gearbox and bodywork which in itself is remarkable. 

However, its racing career is equally as admirable. Winning the 1962 Italian National GT, it went on to score further success in the 1963 and 1964 Targo Florio open-road endurance races.

Known for its reliability, it's been said to have never broken down or been involved in any accidents in any of its 20 other racing events. 

Hands in mouth moment. Take a look at the time a Ferrari 250 GTO took a wobble at Goodwood. Credit:  Goodwood Road & Racing

Final Words

There is no disputing the winning bidder of this Ferrari will be the owner of a historic car. The auction record is still £29m which has stood since 2014.

With the estimate already above the record, we are expected to see one nonetheless.

Are we finally going to see a £100m car? Or is this auction going to be another tease? The auction is taking place at the Californian motoring show which takes place from 24th - 25th August.

What are your thoughts on the Ferrari 250 GTO? Share and let us know!

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Ferrari 250 GTO receives $45m Estimate
Ferrari 250 GTO receives $45m Estimate
Ferrari 250 GTO receives $45m Estimate