18 September, 2018

Is Backwards The New Forwards?

There's something about the past which invokes feelings of nostalgia and happiness. Take the news that Sony is releasing a limited edition PS1 with 20 built-in games. I'll take one, please. You can expect that in December 2018.

Well... Ferrari has sought inspiration from their past to inspire their latest offering, the Monza SP1 and the SP2 which is a take from the 1950s Barchetta cars. Now, the SP1 is a single seater whereas the SP2 is a 2-seater.

Let's not forget that the 166mm and the 750 Monza socred Ferrari success at the World Sports Car Championship back in the 50s and 60s.

However, we can rejoice in the news that future GT cars made by Ferrari will have a classic touch in their design which is a far cry from today's aggressive designs. The SP1 and SP2 may actually be a solution to the technically advanced vehicles we drive today but that's not the thing.

The Problem With Modern Cars

It's no secret that cars today have become a bit too modern. It makes you wonder if the car designer was an engineer in disguise. The focus on aerodynamics, gimmicks and design have resulted in cars looking like road-legal spaceships.

Take a look at the Review of the Brabham BT62, it can generate 800kg of downforce on the rear wing which probably means it could drive upside down. Or perhaps, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Unveiled at Pebble Beach. The ALA system utilises active motors to focus on downforce or speed so, are we driving the car? 

If you think, Ferrari skipped out on performance in order to focus on nostalgia then you're wrong. Very wrong.

Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 Performance

For cars as delicate as these two, Ferrari used them to debut their most powerful engine. A monster 6.5L V-12 engine will power these cars which puts them in supercar territory. Check out these stats: 

0-62 mph - 2.9s 0-124mph - 7.9s 809bhp SP1 Weight - 1,500kg SP2 Weight - 1,520kg Top Speed - 186mph

We have truly been spoilt here. The performance is thanks to the low-weight carbon panels.

Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 Specs

As you glance over the car you'll see plenty of references to the 1950's Barchetta. Eagle-eyed fans will see elements of the 166mm and the 750 Monza which scored Ferrari wins at the World Sports Car Endurance Championships.

Their sleek body and composite panels contain an ingenious virtual windshield which takes you back to those times where drivers would wear a leather helmet, gloves and a tonne of grit to navigate corners in a car too powerful for its time.

Trivia - To accommodate no shield, the car is designed to direct airflow above the driver's head. We still recommend some goggles.

Final Words

Sadly, only 500 of these cars will be made and loyal customers will be the first to see them but there is solace in this. 

The Monza SP1 and SP2 are fantastic throwbacks to sleek 50s and 60s design combined with a driving experience worth considering selling your house for. The reason why we say that is because the starting price is rumoured to be £2.3m ($3m).

You'll see these vehicles on display at the Paris Motor Show 2018 in October.

Are we going to see more? Well.. these vehicles will form part of their new Icona series which means we are going to see even more references to 1950's Ferrari cars. 

Which classic car do you want to see turned into a modern classic? Hit the share button and let us know!

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Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2
Ferrari SP1 and SP2