29 July, 2018

Ferris Bueller Ferrari up For Auction!

The iconic 80's comedy has found its way back into the news with an announcement the replica Ferrari is heading into auction! It will be the star of Monterey Car Week (23rd-25th August 2018).

Rumours are rife regarding the potential price. A ballpark is the $235,000 achieved at its last auction in 2013. The price is extraordinary for a car which isn't real. The cost of using a real Ferrari 250 California was easy to answer - no. Why? They aren't cheap and less than 100 were made. In 2016, one sold for $17.2m!

How? Do you know a better convertible?

The Ferrari 250 GT California SWB

Made in 1961, you can see the instant appeal. They are sublime. It's devilish looks and intoxicating beauty compels you to study every cm of it. The best part is the 3.0L V-12 engine and 145 mph top speed!

Replicating the 250 GT California wasn't easy. The filmmakers decided to buy three 1985 Modenas. After a transformation, they developed a striking resemblance to the 250 California. Two were in the driving scenes and one rolled through the window.

Do you remember this?

Credit -  NeT8000

Let's focus on the film because it became a cult hit for reasons other than the car.

Why is Ferris Bueller's Day off so revered?

Ferris Bueller is the elusive high-school slacker famed for skipping class. Motivated to pull off one final pre-graduation stunt, he embarks on an adventure. Calling in 'sick' he devises a plan to make this one legendary and talks his way into borrowing a Ferrari. This isn't any Ferrari, it's the most beautiful convertible ever made - However, the principal is on the prowl.

With everything in place, he sets off and keeps us informed - literally by breaking the fourth wall.

What is The Fourth Wall?

One of the film's distinctive qualities is its use of the 'fourth wall'. First used in cinema 100 years ago, you've seen this in films like Deadpool.

It describes the imaginary wall which separates the actor from the viewer. In a movie, it's the camera lens. The actor cannot see or hear the audience but when they interact with them by looking at the camera to perform a monologue or ask a question, the fourth wall breaks.

Final Words

This 'Ferrari' isn't the real deal but it has a few things going for it.

Firstly, it's the star of the show in one of the biggest teen comedy films made. Secondly, it features in the National Historic Vehicle's Register and is one of the 24 cars! 

The auction is shaping up to be a record breaker for this car and we look forward to telling you about it.

Have you seen Ferris Bueller's day off? What do you think of the car? Hit the share button and let us know!

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Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads into Auction
Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads into Auction
Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads into Auction
Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads into Auction
Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads into Auction
Ferris Bueller Ferrari Heads into Auction