01 June, 2018

Aston Martin DB5 From Golden up for Auction

Is the Aston Martin DB5 the ultimate classic vehicle? There are some worthy contenders that will stir up some debate. For example, classic cars such as the Jaguar E-type, Mercedes 300 SL, AC Cobra, Ferrari 250 and more will certainly give the Aston Martin a run for their money.

The DB5 became a true British icon. Devastatingly elegant, sleek visually stunning. It was the car chosen to partner Sean Connery who was portraying the world-famous agent James Bond in the 1964 instalment 'Goldfinger'.

It's since forged a 50+ year association with the franchise and, in that time, Aston Martin has enjoyed vast amounts of cultural and cinematic successes with many show-stopping moments from car chases right down to its initial unveiling.

Trivia - Jaguar refrained from supplying two E-types for the movie 

James Bond Goldeneye

The Aston Martin DB5 made an appearance in the 1995 film 'Goldeneye'. It was in this film where a satellite weapon called 'Goldeneye' had fallen into the wrong hands.

Little did 007 know but his old friend, who he presumed dead, was behind the whole plot! Planning to rob the bank of England before erasing their tracks with Goldeneye, it was up to James and his programmer ally to save the day.

The Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 was sporting a 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine which produced 282bhp. Weighing a colossal 1.5 tons, it could reach 0-60 in 8.1 seconds and had a top speed of more than 140mph. 

Remember the car chase scene? See the Aston Martin race the Ferrari F355!

The car chase from James Bond: GoldenEye courtesy of Vzok on Youtube 

Final Words

Even though the estimate is between £1.2 and £1.6m, an Aston Martin DB5 convertible had sold for $2.7m (£2m). However, with the added heritage of starring in James Bond Goldeneye and the famous car chase scene involving that Ferrari F355, there is no doubt that the car has the potential to beat its estimate and we look forward to writing about that.

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Goldeneye's DB5 up for Auction
Goldeneye's DB5 up for Auction
Goldeneye's DB5 up for Auction
Goldeneye's DB5 up for Auction