16 March, 2019

Car Auctions That Went Created History

Winning a car at auction is awesome. It's like the feeling you get from winning the lottery. You, at that very moment, have won. 

In this spotlight, you'll re-live the auctions for some of the most famous cars which include a host of classics with some collectables too!

Oozing with nostalgia and heritage, you'll gain an insight into the Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car, A Ford GT40 and more!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car Sells in Auction

When Chitty Chitty Bang Bang graced our screens back in 1968, little did we know the family car would become a hit with audiences.

The Ford Racing Team built the car which was designed by Ken Adam. During the production of the film, a total of 6 were made. However, just 3 were actually driveable. 

The only operational car had a generous 3L V6 engine and easily distinguished by its 'GEN 11' licence plate. 

When it was consigned to auction, as you could imagine, there was pandemonium. With a high estimate of $2m, it was destined for greatness. 

However, it hammered in at $805,000 but that's not the point. The traction this auction got was obscene and illustrates how important this car is.

Read the full article here: The Original Chitty Chitty Bang Car Sells in Auction.

Batmobile Sells in Auction

Not many things beat the Batmobile. Come on, it's the BATMOBILE. The James Bond cars might come close but it's still inferior. Sorry, 007.

The Batmobile in question dates back to the TV Show from the '60s. During its 3-season run, we saw Batman and Robin battle against The Joker, Dr Freeze and The Penguin with many Kapows and Wallops!

Designed by George Barris, the Batmobile was based on a heavily adapted '55 Lincoln Futura. It caused fanfare when news came that Barris had consigned the car to auction.

It's impossible to quantify how much nostalgia is worth but a winning bid of $4.6m was enough to give us an insight. Read the full story here: Batmobile Sells for Record Price.

Alfa Romeo 8C Bidding For Auction Record

Pre-war cars are marvels. They're draped in an aura of history that supercedes the lure of today's hypercars. 

It'll be difficult to find a pre-war like this Alfa Romeo 8C. Perhaps the 1935 Duesenberg SSJ but if there are any others then let us know!

This isn't your average Alfa Romeo though. Back in its heyday, it managed to thwart the dominant German constructors.

After matching their huge power advantage, they were able to wrestle prestigious race victories away from them and enter what was later called their 'Golden Era'. 

Now consigned to auction, it's expected to sell for €22m which would make it the most expensive pre-war car ever!

To read more about the history of the car, check out our article: Auction Spotlight: Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Touring Berlinetta.

Le Mans-Winning Ford GT40 Sold in Auction

Perhaps one of the greatest Le Mans triumphs in history. 

Ford secured a hat-trick as their 3 entrants claimed the first three positions in their class and finally loosened the stronghold that Ferrari had on the competition. 

The success of Ferrari clearly got to Ford as Leo Beebe asked his drivers to finish at the same time!

The winning racer was no other than Bruce McLaren, who was awarded the victory because he started the furthest away from the finish line and therefore covered the most distance. 

The Ford in question was boasting a 7L V8 engine which produced 485bhp and had a top speed of 200mph.  

To learn the story of the car and the events of the 1966 Le Mans race, check out the article: Le Mans Winning Ford GT40 MK II is up for Auction

Aston Martin '2 Vev' Sells in Auction

The 25th anniversary of the Festival of Speed didn't disappoint. 

Blistering laps, cars on two wheels and some auction records. One of those auction records was a historic Aston Martin known as the '2 Vev'.

It's forms half of a twin which Aston Martin used as their unofficial racing car. The likes of Jim Clark are some of its notable drivers who raced in a fantastic era of racing where the legendary Ferrari 250s were causing havoc across motorsport. 

Racing in Le Mans and the Paris 1,000km only adorned its racing heritage and created an insatiable desire among collectors. 

Selling for a colossal price, it only confirms what you have read. Check out the story of the Vev twins here:  Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato 2 VEV Sells for £10.1m

Final Words

What was your favourite car story? The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car? The Batmobile? Or perhaps the Aston Martin? 

Whatever your favourite car is, there's no mistaking how awesome they are. When you go deeper into their stories, your admiration just grows.

Cars like the Alfa Romeo are over 80 years old and still exist to this day which enables us to appreciate their impact on car design, performance and history. 

A fantastic place to buy classic and famous cars are places such as the Monterey Car Auction. It's a massive event which attracts bidders from around the world. You can check out the top sales from 2018 here: Top 5 Car Sales at Monterey Classic Car Week - 2018.

However, if you want to read the latest news on The Journal, hit the link below!

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