22 May, 2018

Jaguar Reviving the XK?

A lot of interviews have been taken and even more hints have been dropped about the Jaguar F-type receiving a companion to help drive Jaguar's sports car division into even more growth.

After being discontinued almost 5 years ago, the Jaguar XK may be revived in time for the launch of what Jaguar calls a 'family of sports cars'.

Even though the XK was discontinued. Parts of it still live on in the F-Pace which in 2017 had accounted for 40% of Jaguar's sales.

The Jaguar F-Pace and F-Type

The Jaguar F-type has been a flagship for Jaguar and has experienced strong sales in the last three years. Jaguar is building on this and plan on releasing the next generation which is currently due for replacement.

There has been serious talk about the revival of the XK as Hanno Kirner, product strategist at Jaguar Land Rover, has reiterated his support for a sports car portfolio.  

The 2+2 market would be an interesting segment of the sports car market and a model such as the XK would present Jaguar with a fantastic opportunity to open up new avenues for this proposed family of sports cars.

Behind the Scenes

Before the XK was discontinued, there were claims that the blueprint for the next generation was already completed. However, the F-type experienced a strong reception and dominated Jaguar's focus. 

The latest blueprint for the XK is said to be new and original and looking at a 2021 release. 

Reviving previous models is not uncommon in the car industry. There have been several manufacturers who revived discontinued lines. For example, BMW, Ford, Jeep and Chevrolet will be delving into their archives and bringing back some of their old car models.

Final Words

Jaguar wants to be seen as a sports car manufacturer and this will require targeting new segments of the car market. With a sports car version of the F-Pace in development and also a new generation F-type, a venture into a new market would help to propel Jaguar into this direction.

There is no official confirmation about the XK coming back but it would enable Jaguar to generate even more momentum during a time where markets are becoming crowded.

What do you think they should do?

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Jaguar Reviving the XK?
Jaguar Reviving the XK?
Jaguar Reviving the XK?