02 October, 2018

The Holy Trinity… of Hypercars

Have you ever heard of the Holy Trinity Cars? It’s the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and the LaFerrari.

What these cars all have in common is that we want to drive them. Secondly, they are all hybrids that set the whole era on fire.

Why? What there were capable of was difficult to understand and they became the most sought-after cars in the world. 

The McLaren P1 has already been featured but you can read here: McLaren P1 Review.

We also looked at the Porsche 918 Spyder. Check it out here: Porsche 918 Spyder.

It’s time to look at how Ferrari entered the hybrid era in style with the LaFerrari.

LaFerrari – Joining a Dynasty

A while ago we took a look at the growing misconception between a sports car, supercar and a hypercar, you can read it here: Not every sports car is a supercar.

We argued that there’s a distinction between those different classes and justified it with examples.

Throughout history, Ferrari has been testing the boundaries of performance with an array of cars that set new benchmarks across the board.

  • The Ferrari 288 – Where it all began?
  • Ferrari F40 – Who needs comfort when you’re in the first car to ever hit 200mph?
  • Ferrari F50 – The engine was inspired by an F1 Car!
  • Ferrari Enzo – The car is so good, they named it after their founder…

When it comes to performance, those cars were phenomenal. Each of them carried with it the pinnacle of Ferrari design and performance.

The LaFerrari joined this dynasty for the same reason as it represents what Ferrari could do to a car.

This isn’t just any car though, they named it after themselves? Where do they go from here?

LaFerrari Design

The LaFerrari was a ruthless project. They gave themselves the objective of optimising aerodynamic efficiency, ideal weight distribution and lowering the car’s centre of gravity. Finally, integrating a hybrid system! 

Completing this task required the combined expertise of their GT and F1 design departments.


The LaFerrari contains active aerodynamics in the form of front and rear diffusers, an underbody vane and a rear spoiler coming together to adapt the car to the conditions at hand.

Weight Distribution

With a target weight distribution of 59% at the rear and 41% at the front, it presented a massive task in regard to the architecture of the LaFerrari.

Why is the weight of the car focused at the rear? A rear-biased weight distribution generates greater traction which means the driver can put their foot down earlier.  

Hybrid Distribution

The hybrid system is a work of art. Weighing in at 146kg, it can generate 163CV and improve acceleration. How? The motors which accompany the F1 KERS-esque battery system accompanied by motors that spin at 16,500 rpm.

How fast is the LaFerrari?

LaFerrari Performance

One of the benefits of a hybrid car is how you can tinker it to the car’s benefit.

  • Engine: 6262cc V12.
  • Max power: 963CV (163CV electric motor).
  • 0-60: less than 3s.
  • 0-100: less than 7s.
  • Top speed: 217mph.

The LaFerrari’s V12 engine has been optimised for high-end power (over 5,000rpm). Filling in the low to mid-range of the car’s torque are the electric motors.

The LaFerrari can lap the famed Fiorano Ferrari test track in 1m20s which is 5 seconds faster than the Enzo and 3 seconds faster than the F12, Berlinetta. 

Final Words

The hypercar war began with the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT and Mercedes-McLaren SLR.

Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren hit back with a new era and became The Holy Trinity. Something happened though, they were challenged.

Since their introductions over 5 years, the game has changed with the likes of the Bugatti Chiron, Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes Project One.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie looks 100 years in the future and is the brainchild of Adrian Newey, the mastermind behind Red Bull Racing’s 4-year domination of Formula 1. It weighs 1,000kg and produces 1,000bhp per tonne.

The Mercedes Project is an F1 car for the road revving up to 11,000rpm.

Finally, the Bugatti Chiron is a remarkable transformation from the Veyron and you can read that here: Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers

Have holes been poked through the holy?

LaFerrari Review
LaFerrari Review
LaFerrari Review
LaFerrari Review
LaFerrari Review
LaFerrari Review