09 November, 2018

McLaren 600LT – Punching Above its Weight

McLaren is making a few waves in the car market. Their Track 25 plan promises a string of new vehicles aimed at disrupting various segments of the car market.

One of those segments is a world first! The McLaren Speedtail is an upcoming Hyper-GT with the comfort and luxury of a GT car but the performance stats of a Bugatti. If you missed it, read it here: McLaren Speedtail - A New Era.

The 600LT carries serious provenance. LT or ‘Longtail’ is a philosophy based on enhancing or optimising any of the following areas:

  • Optimised aerodynamics.
  • Increased downforce.
  • Reduced weight.

One of the most famous McLaren Longtails is the F1 GTR which won Le Mans. Despite having a weaker power output to its competitors, it was still triumphant!

Trivia - Lamborghini has a similar moniker called ‘Jota’, you can read more about it here: Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Unveiled at Pebble Beach.

So, this car is packing some serious history but what has McLaren done? Well, they created the fastest car in their Sports Series!

McLaren 600LT Design

The McLaren Sports Series consists of the 540C and the 570 and their variants.

The 600LT has elements of the 675LT such as the elongated carbon fibre bodywork. What you'll notice is a fixed rear wing and diffuser that provides some serious performance.

Trivia – At 155mph, the 600LT can generate 100kg of downforce.

McLaren also addressed the weight of the car and shaved off 96kg when you compare it to the 570S. How they achieved this was by taking the breaking and suspension systems from the 720S and changing the interior by adding lightweight racing seats like in the Senna.

Trivia – the seats are 24.6kg lighter. They are made up of one piece of carbon with some padding.

McLaren 600LT Performance

Now seated at the top of the Sports Series, the 600LT can easily be distinguished by the fact that, according to McLaren, it has 23% new parts.

The 570S was already good but the 600LT adds more power, less weight and increased aerodynamic performance. Here are the numbers:  

  • Engine – 3.8L V8 twin turbo.
  • Power - 592bhp.
  • Transmission - Seven-speed dual-clutch.
  • RWD? – Yes.
  • 0-62mph - 2.9sec.
  • 124mph in just 8.2sec.
  • Top Speed - 204mph.
  • Price – £185,500

Note – The turbochargers kick in at 3500rpm.

One of the fascinating facts about the performance is that it’s punching above its weight. Take the Ferrari 812 Superfast. 6.5L V12 with 789bhp. It can do 0-62 in 2.9 seconds and 0-124 in 7.9 seconds! Read more about it here: Review: Ferrari 812 Superfast.

McLaren 600LT Specs

One of the standout features of the 600LT is the open top exhaust. The benefit of this is the full-length diffuser at the rear of the car and massive savings in the weight department.

Further weight gains have been found even in the wheels with 30kg taken off its already light design.

McLaren also looked at the engine with the view to generating greater bhp so, they reworked camshafts and conjured up an extra 30bhp. This increase in power is buoyed by bigger side intakes which send more air to the powertrain.

Final Words

McLaren has transformed the SportsSeries with this car.

Adorned in aerodynamics, power and performance, it’s more than honoured the longtail name.

Optimising the three areas of weight, aero and track-like performance, it’s going to send a strong message to the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc. who will be competing with McLaren’s new entrant.

The 600LT has a limited production run from October 2018-October 2019 where a spider will also become available.

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McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers
McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers
McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers
McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers
McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers
McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers
McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers