26 January, 2019

McLaren Speedtail - World's First Hyper-GT Car

McLaren has released details about their latest entrant to the ultimate series, the McLaren Speedtail.

Don’t forget, this series already consists of the McLaren P1 and the McLaren Senna. Now, those cars each have something going for them.

The McLaren P1 became a member of the Holy Trinity of Hypercars and pushed the known boundaries of performance. You can read about that here: McLaren P1 Review.

The McLaren Senna took track performance to new levels just like the legend it’s named after, Ayrton Senna. Check out our review here: McLaren Senna - the new track-focused Hypercar.

McLaren has kept us waiting with their latest assault on the top end of the performance market so, was it worth the wait? 

McLaren Speedtail Design

"Like no other". This is how McLaren chose to describe the car. They used this trailer to reveal the car.

Let's break this down. The styling is certainly unique. The mixture of fierce and elegant lines has created a baby-faced assassin. In addition, the car is a bullet. With a claimed top speed of 250mph, it's the fastest McLaren of them all. 

In short, the car is a hybrid-powered hyper-GT. So what does that mean? It's a grand tourer with the performance levels of a hypercar and it's powered by a hybrid engine!

Much like the McLaren F1 - one of the most famous cars McLaren produced - this Speedtail has the driver's seat in the middle of the car with two passenger seats either side of it.

The central position will give the driver a unique sense of the road and balance with the car. Again, the symmetry!

McLaren Speedtail Performance

McLaren is still confirming exact performance figures but here’s what we have so far.

  • Production – 106.
  • Dry Weight – 1,430kg.
  • Top speed – 403km/h (250mph).
  • Engine – Rumoured to be a 4L Twin-Turbo V8.
  • Power - 1,050 PS (1,035 horsepower).
  • 0-300km/h - 13 seconds.
  • Price - £1.75-million +

More details will come in spring 2019 but it seems that drivers will be entering 2020 with a car that can rival the Bugatti Chiron, you can read about that here: Bugatti Chiron - Breaking Barriers.

McLaren Speedtail Specs

Being 5m long, McLaren had ample space to direct and exploit airflow and they even went down to the alloys!

So, what did McLaren do?

1) F1 fans who recount the 2009 season will see the resemblance between the wheel spats of the BrawnGP car and this new McLaren. They help to reduce turbulence and optimise airflow because as the wheel rotates, they stay still.

2) Wing mirrors, we all need them... apart from the Speedtail! McLaren has scrapped the wing mirror idea and replaced them with small cameras. 

3) The rear of the car is abnormally long and this is where the grand tourer part of the car comes in. With enough space to accompany luggage for up to 5 people, the speedtail's versatility is enviable.

Final Words

If this Speedtail gives us anything to go by then McLaren will be one car maker we need to keep a close eye on! With no track variant or convertible version expected to be made, this will be one of the most exclusive cars McLaren have ever made.

McLaren's Track 25 plan is to use £1.2bn to make 18 new cars by 2025. You've already seen the 600LT which is lighting up their sports series. If you missed it then check it out here: McLaren 600LT - Breaking Barriers.

A new vehicle you can expect is a replacement for the McLaren P1. Currently known as the P23, it means the Ultimate Series will only get bigger!

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McLaren Speedtail - A New Era
McLaren Speedtail - A New Era
McLaren Speedtail - A New Era
McLaren Speedtail - A New Era
McLaren Speedtail - A New Era
McLaren Speedtail - A New Era