23 June, 2018

70 Years of Porsche Racing

When it comes to racing cars, Porsche is one of the best. Boasting competition wins across an array of racing categories, we have explored their glittering history to get an insight into one of the greatest racing constructors in history.

Focusing on 3 areas of motorsport, take a look at how Porsche has succeeded at every level from the 24 Hours of Daytona right through to Formula 1.

Endurance Racing

Porsche's exploits in endurance racing started quite early with victories in the open-road endurance race called Targa Florio held in Sicily. Their strongest spell of success occurred during a five-year period from 1966-70.

Despite not having the same power as their competitors, Porsche was able to achieve victory through making their cars more lightweight, nimble, low drag and low weight. 

Trivia - Porsche won the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship.

Porsche's endurance racing moved on to the prestigious 24 Hours of Daytona and also the 12 Hours of Sebring. Experiencing success in these races helped to illustrate their versatility across different racing disciplines.

Trivia - Porsche have enjoyed varying success in Rally with victories in the Rallye Monte-Carlo, European Rally Championships and the Monte Carlo Rally.

Formula 1

Porsche's journey in Formula has been quite stop-start. They tasted victory in the 1962 French Grand Prix as a constructor. They left the sport and returned as an engine supplier to great success. 

Powering McLaren to 3 Drivers' Championships (1984, 1985 and 1986) and 2 Constructors' Championships (1984 and 1985), they secured 25 race wins for McLaren from 1984-1987. Notable drivers at the time were Alain Prost and Niki Lauda.

Trivia - Alain Prost won 2 World Championships and Lauda won 1.

Trivia - Porsche also competed in the Can-Am racing series and enjoyed great successes.

Le Mans

The story of Porsche Motorsport began with the 356 which became one of the most iconic Porsches of all time. It won a class victory at Le Mans and within 5 years, Porsche sold 10,000 of them!

Their early success at Le Mans would serve as a prequel for their future participation. During the 70's, Porsche was in a league of their own. It was also an era they won their first full Le Mans victory with the Porsche 917k winning Porsche the 1970 and 1971 titles. This famous vehicle was auctioned last year for a record price.

Their philosophy is simple. It's rare for a Porsche to enter consecutive racing events with the same specification. Porsche uses motorsport as a way to test new parts and specifications for their vehicles.

This constant iteration of their vehicles has helped them to constantly perform at the top level. This endeavour has also helped them to rack up more than 15 victories at this famous race.

Check out the video for their double Le-Mans podium DPCcars

Final Words

Even though 70 years have passed, one thing remains.

Porsche are still competing at the highest levels of motorsport and writing their name in its history books. The legendary 356 started off their dynasty and reached new levels with the 917k which secured Porsche a historic victory at Le Mans. 

This car became the most expensive Porsche ever sold after it hammered for over $14m at auction.

With talk of a return to Formula 1, is Porsche going to dominate at every level? 

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Porsche: Celebrating 70 Years
Porsche: Celebrating 70 Years
Porsche: Celebrating 70 Years
Porsche: Celebrating 70 Years
Porsche: Celebrating 70 Years